Vance Rego was a member of the Cilpari Resistance in 4 ABY.[1] He was supposed to meet Winter—the New Republic case officer for Cilpar—and obtain aid in fighting the Imperials. He was also working for the local Imperial Moff, Boren Tascl, as a double agent. He led Tascl's stormtroopers[1] to Winter's location, then later claimed to resistance leader Elscol Loro that he had barely escaped the trap himself.

Loro became increasingly suspicious of his activities—which included an obsession with recovering some spacetrooper armor—and before the assault on the Moff's base at Kiidan she confronted him. Although Rego drew a blaster on her, the intervention of Groznik saved her from being shot.

Cursing Loro the whole time Rego then tried to recover the spacetrooper armor, determined to use its firepower to aid the Moff's defense. The armor, however, was missing its helmet and had become the nesting place of a ronk, which left him nursing the stump of his forearm.

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