Vandelhelm: Enemies and Alloys was a four-part Planet Hoppers article from March 2004, featuring Vandelhelm and other characters and settings appearing in Marvel Comics' Star Wars series. The article was written by Cory J. Herndon.


File Vandelhelm-LC/hsnn
"In which Lando Calrissian briefs the captain of the Millennium Falcon on Vandelhelm's history and importance."
"In which the Guildmistress of Vandelhelm suspects revolutionaries among the Metalsmiths, and fears her policies may be the cause."
Solo Class
"In which the Guild of Vandelhelm unveils a new freighter fleet dedicated to the man who made it all possible."
The Demands of Supply
"In which Han Solo and Nien Nunb return to Vandelhelm on a simple diplomatic mission that's sure to go smoothly."

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