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Vandor, also known as Vandor-1[6][7] or ID 53-80,[2] was a cold frontier planet in the Sloo sector of the galaxy's Mid Rim. Despite being sparsely settled, the Galactic Empire had a growing presence on the planet. Fort Ypso was a snowy mountain village located on Vandor.


Vandor databank

The snowy landscape of Vandor

A cold mountainous planet[4] located in the Sloo sector[2] of the Mid Rim,[1] Vandor was sparsely settled, and lacked the technological infrastructure that was present on other worlds. The Galactic Empire were beginning to have a presence on Vandor, however,[4] transporting cargo across the planet's mountains with conveyex trains.[3] Vandor was also home to the village of Fort Ypso, which contained the Lodge, a saloon with a gambling hall and a droid-fighting arena.[5]


After stormtroopers captured Lando Calrissian's ship, the Millennium Falcon, they took it to be impounded on Vandor. A week later, Calrissian and his droid L3-37 arrived on Vandor, discovering the Falcon's location. Planning to rescue his ship, Calrissian decided to bide his time by playing a game of sabacc in the Lodge, using credits he had received from completing a recent mission.[8]

At the same time, Tobias Beckett and his crew had also landed on Vandor to carry out a heist on an Imperial conveyex train, in order to acquire coaxium for Dryden Vos and the Crimson Dawn. They were assisted by Han Solo and Chewbacca, who had escaped Mimban on Beckett's stolen Y-45 armored transport hauler. The heist ultimately failed due to the interference of Enfys Nest's Cloud-Riders, who also attempted to steal the coaxium, leading Solo to drop the cargo in order to save the survivors of Beckett's crew.[3]

After Vos' yacht First Light traveled to Vandor to personally meet Beckett, the crew planned a second mission to Kessel so they could retrieve coaxium to replace the cargo lost during the heist. Needing a ship that was fast enough to make the Kessel Run, the crew visited the Lodge, where they met Calrissian. At the Lodge, Solo joined a game of sabacc against Calrissian, hoping to win the Millennium Falcon. However, Calrissian's cheating led Solo to lose against him, but he eventually agreed to take Beckett's crew to Kessel aboard his ship.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Vandor was created for the 2018 Star Wars film Solo: A Star Wars Story. The first footage of the planet was shown in the "Big Game" Super Bowl TV spot released on February 4, 2018.[9] It was later also identified as Vandor-1,[6] a planet that was first mentioned in Coruscant and the Core Worlds, a 2003 sourcebook for the now-Legends Star Wars Roleplaying Game.[10] In Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide, Vandor is placed in the Mid Rim, rather in the Core Worlds.[1]

Early inspirations for the look of Vandor in Solo came from art of the American West by late-19th-century painter Frederic Remington, particularly the 1906 painting A Taint on the Wind, and the 20th-century illustrator Robert McGinnis. Another inspiration for Vandor were the lavish landscapes of the American West by the 19th-century painters Frederick Church and Albert Bierstadt.[11] Vandor's environment, in turn, was meant to evoke the beautiful landscape of southern Colorado's rocky mountains, as intended by screenwriter Jon Kasdan. In Kasdan's words, making this made sense for the space-western feeling he and the film's crew tried to evoke.[12]


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