"Thaal was an army colonel stationed here on Coruscant when the Yuuzhan Vong invasion came. Instead of evacuating, he volunteered to lead a unit of elites to set up on Vandor-Three."
"It's actually here in the Coruscant system. The next planet sunward."
Myri Antilles and Viull Gorsat[5]

Vandor-3, also spelled as Vandor-Three,[5] was the fifth planet in the Coruscant system.[3]


"Lightly populated by Coruscant standards. It has old links to the armed forces—back in the Clone Wars, there were clone trooper training grounds near Vangard, the capital. But now it's mostly agricultural, with a petroleum industry. It supplies Coruscant with a lot of its food and raw material for plastic products. Most people here consider Vandor-Three to be beyond the borders of civilization and culture. Like an uneducated cousin who doesn't bathe."
Myri Antilles, to Viull Gorsat[5]

Vandor-3 was a terrestrial world with oceans and a small population. Its capital city was a small industrial town that included a petroleum plant.


Early history[]

"I've never been to Coruscant. Closest I ever came was training on one of the inner worlds of that system. You've been there?"
"Once. Before the start of the Outer Rim Sieges."
Climber and Salvo[7]

In 43 BBY, the Tech Raiders, a criminal organization that stole tech equipment and later sold them on the black market, relocated their base to Vandor-3.[8]

Vandor-3 served as a training ground for clone troopers during the Clone Wars. For the training ground, a barracks was constructed on the capital's outskirts that could hold 50,000 troopers. One particular exercise involved facing the selenome that inhabited one of the planet's oceans.[6]

Later history[]

"When the final assault came here on Coruscant, he somehow persuaded his superiors to let him go to Vandor-Three and build a resistance cell there. Which he did pretty well. Those were his original Pop-Dogs, and he became a hero."
Zehrinne Thaal, to Garik Loran[5]

Following the Declaration of a New Order, Vandor-3 became part of the Galactic Empire. At some point after the Battle of Endor, Vandor-3 joined the New Republic and later its successor state, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

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