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"My lord, Director Krennic has arrived."
―Vaneé, to Darth Vader[src]

Vaneé was a human male attendant who served Darth Vader. In 19 BBY, he was stationed on Coruscant and approached Vader while he was meditating, Vaneé apologized for disrupting the Sith Lord before informing him that the Imperial Security Bureau had reported an incident in the lower levels of the city that was possibly connected to the Jedi. Vader instructed Vaneé to inform them he was coming.[3] He was later present in the Sith Lord's castle on the planet Mustafar in 0 BBY, and approached Vader—who was meditating in a rejuvenation chamber—to inform him that Director Orson Krennic had arrived to discuss the Death Star.


Mustafraian raidEdit


Vaneé, captured by a horde of Mustafarians

Shortly after the construction of Fortress Vader, Vaneé was captured by a horde of Mustafarians who had invaded the fortress in hopes of destroying it and its master. Vaneé began to say mercy but was interrupted by the Mustafarian leader who grabbed him by his robe and mocked his pleas of mercy. However with a dark smile, Vaneé informed the Mustafarian that he was not speaking to him as Darth Vader appeared behind the Mustafarians with his lightsaber drawn and proceeded to kill the invading Mustafarians.[2]

Rebels in the fortressEdit

Vaneé was in an upper floor control room informing Vader via comlink that spy droids had detected rebel forces within the castle when Gee-Three and Skritt came upon him. Fearful when he saw Gee-Three aiming at him, Vaneé quickly alerted his master that the rebels had found him. After Gee-Three demanded to know what the Empire was doing on Mustafar, Vaneé merely chuckled and replied he would like to see him try to shoot him just before the droid was lifted off the floor. Vaneé laughed after Gee-Three asked he was lifting him and responded that it was his master's doing. With a sadistic smile, Vaneé watched as Gee-Three was ripped apart and fell to the floor in pieces.[4]

Moments later, Vaneé, wielding an ax, confronted rebel Commander Lina Graf and Skritt in one of the castle's corridors after the pair had been surrounded by the castle's security droids. He asked Graf if she was sure ghosts did not exist as he ominously claimed that the lost souls of his master's victims roam the castle's hallways included that of their comrade, the thief. After Graf identified the supposed thief as their colleague Hudd, Vaneé revealed that Hudd had paid the price for trying to take something that was not his and he had not been the first to meet that fate. Vaneé then told Graf and Skritt the story of the first Mustafarian raid on the fortress and how the forces where eventually slaughtered by his master. Even after Vaneé told the rebels such would be their fate, Graf replied that he did not frighten them as she pulled her blaster on him, stating she had faced real monsters. Vaneé informed Graf that she would know fear as he introduced her to his master, Darth Vader who had appeared behind her. Vaneé smiled as he watched Vader deflect Graf's blaster shot and hurled the bisected torso of her droid Crater at her.[2]

The Sith Lord approached Vaneé and voiced his disappointed in his attendant by chiding his fear of the rebels. Cowering, Vaneé replied how the rebels had tried to steal Vader's treasures after breaking into the castle. Vaneé watched as his master used the Force to lift Graf but was suddenly shoved by Crater, knocking him against Vader, allowing the rebels a chance to escape. A short time later, Vaneé informed Vader that the castle was under attack by an AT-ST which Skritt had commandeered.[2]

Krennic's visitEdit

"Few people have had the honor of seeing Lord Vader in his sanctum. I suggest you keep all you witnessed to your self."
―Vaneé, to Director Krennic[src]

Vaneé was present on the landing pad of the castle when Director Orson Krennic disembarked his shuttle after arriving on Mustafar. Without a word, Vaneé led Krennic into the castle and took him deep into the facility until they had arrived in a rotunda that looked out onto Mustafar's landscape. He motioned for the Director to wait before he proceeded to leave via a door on the other side of the chamber.[5]


Vaneé, approaching Vader's private chamber

Vaneé made his way to Vader's private rejuvenation chamber and entered, passing through the chamber's two sets of security doors. Approaching the bacta tank centered in the middle of the chamber, Vaneé knelt with his head bowed. As he stated that Krennic had arrived at the castle, Vaneé looked up directly to the tank to see Vader's form emerge from within the bacta. Vaneé bowed his head as the tank started to drain.[1]

Moments later, Vaneé returned to the rotunda and made his way past Krennic without speaking anything to him which was hardly noticed at all by Krennic. He then disappeared into the corridor. After Vader's meeting with Krennic had come to an end, Vaneé met Krennic as the man stumbled out from the rotunda. Silently tipping his head, he motioned for the Director to follow him as he led Krennic back down the same path they had taken before. After a few moments as they walked, Vaneé spoke for the first time, telling Krennic that he was one of the few individuals who had had the honor of seeing Vader in his sanctum. Upon reaching the door of the landing pad, Vaneé cautioned the Director to keep what he had witnessed to himself.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Vaneé was a male human with white hair and light skin.[1] His eyes were black, then red,[2] and then green.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Vaneé was played by British actor Martin Gordon in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[1] He was scripted as appearing in Star Wars Rebels Season Four, but as the story concept evolved he was replaced with Veris Hydan.[6]



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