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"You've done too much in your life to have those kinds of regrets. The Jedi are guardians and protectors of the galaxy, but these past fifty years we've needed so much more. The Republic had to rebuild. We needed leaders to unite us, to help us work together. You saw that need, and you filled it."
"You sound like my campaign manager. Vote Vaner Shan for Supreme Chancellor!
―Bastila Shan and her son, Vaner[1]

Vaner Shan was the son of Revan and Bastila Shan, two famous Jedi Knights and heroes of the Jedi Civil War that was fought between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.


Born around 3954 BBY, the Human male's name was an anagram of his father's, but unlike both his parents, Vaner was not sensitive to the Force and therefore never joined the Jedi Order.

Vaner became a politician instead, developing into a major leader in the time of rebuilding following the Jedi Civil War, and he was a candidate to run for Supreme Chancellor in 3900 BBY. By that year, he had married a woman named Emess and had two children named Reesa and Bress Shan. In 3900 BBY, Vaner and his family visited his mother on the anniversary of her marriage to Revan, who had disappeared before Vaner had been born.[1]

Vaner's situation of not being born Force-sensitive despite being the son of a powerful Force-sensitive was repeated generations later with his descendant, Theron Shan.

Personality and traits[]

Vaner greatly resembled his father at the time of the Jedi Civil War, having Revan's dark brown eyes, fair skin and shoulder length dark brown hair.



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