"During our investigation this far, one such trend has come to light; the Meatlumps rarely take another being's life"
―Vani Korr[src]

Vani Korr was a female Human journalist in Coronet City, working for the Corellia Times some time after the Battle of Yavin.

The Meatlumps caseEdit

She was investigating the activities of the Meatlumps when she was attacked and hospitalized by members of the Meatlumps. That attack almost put her research to a complete halt, had it not been for a traveler who, by mere coincidence, contacted her.

The traveler had witnessed a group of Meatlumps vandalizing some power generators in Coronet and intervened. The result was some fierce combat, in which the Meatlumps were defeated. Just after the initial fighting had ceased, a Meatlumps sublieutenant arrived at the scene only to be defeated by the traveler, too. The traveler found a viewscreen with the Corellia Times logo on it and decided to investigate the case. The traveler met with a Corellia Times employee, Finn Shallo, outside the newspaper house, who told the traveler that the viewscreen belonged to Vani Korr and suggested that the traveler go see her in the hospital.

When the traveler arrived, Vani saw an opportunity to finish her work on the Meatlumps and asked for the traveler's help. The traveler agreed to help her retrieve a number of Meatlump datapads with vital information on them. The traveler stalked the Meatlump hangout spots around Coronet and managed to acquire nine datapads, which were delivered to Vani.

Unfortunately for Vani, the datapads were encrypted, and a passcode was needed to access their contents. Vani, however, devised a shrewd plan. She reckoned that the members of the higher echelons of the Meatlump hierarchy might have the passcode. The traveler was to go to one of the many Meatlump camps scattered around Coronet and send an emergency signal from their communication device to the Meatlump headquarters, which was most likely to prompt them to send a lieutenant to investigate the call. When the lieutenant arrived, the traveler was to persuade him into telling the code to the traveler.

The plan was executed, and after some aggressive negotiations, the traveler acquired the code — which was actually just "meatlumps" — and passed it on to Vani, who was now able to finish her investigation and write a revealing article on the Meatlumps. As a token of gratitude, she gave the traveler an advance print of her article as well as a small amount of credits.

Behind the scenesEdit

The quest involving Vani Korr is a so-called pre-NGE quest, and has little relevance to the character building of post NGE. However, in the walkthrough article on the SWG Wiki it is recommended to complete the quest anyway, for the sake of getting more background information on the Meatlumps.

Vani Korr's quest was updated in 2008, as part of Chapter 10.



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