Swiftsure formation

The Swiftsure executes a Vanjervalis chain over Coruscant.

"This is one blockade without any weakpoints!"
―Admiral Saul Karath[src]

The Vanjervalis Chain was a military tactic of the Republic Navy, developed during the Mandalorian Wars.


It involved an Inexpugnable-class tactical command ship, equipped with a sensor package developed after the disastrous Battle of Serroco. Using the sensor package, a group of Hammerhead-class cruisers would be slaved to the Inexpugnable's controls, forming into a long chain to form a blockade. The sensor package would predict enemy movements and adjust the line accordingly.


Despite reservations about the system, Admiral Saul Karath gladly used the tactic in an attempt to capture the fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick over Coruscant, with the Swiftsure as the command ship used. The tactic was a success as Carrick and his ship, the Moomo Williwaw, were unable to break the blockade. Instead, they were forced to board the Swiftsure and steal another ship, sneaking past the blockade instead of forcing their way in.

However, Haazen was able to hack the chain to control the ships to fire at the skybridge connecting the Draay Estate. He had the Draay Trust buy the company and bypass a direct to his mechanical arm unknown to the admiralty. The Republic would find a way to deactivate it soon enough, buying enough time for Haazen to complete his plans. But it proved to be his undoing as Zayne and Lucien Draay severed his mech arm and had the ships in orbit fire on Haazen.


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