Vanster Enan's Sop House was a cantina located in Gadrin. It was one of the liveliest and loudest cantinas on Cularin, being on a supply route from the river to the docking bays in Hedrett. It was usually known for raucous music. The house special was a "fine Ithorian brandy," which was actually a homebrew which Vanster Enan, an Ithorian, made from Cularin tree sap.[1]

On the 200th anniversary of Reidi Artom's founding of Gadrin, a young man named Darin burst into the Sop House crying out that Cularin was in danger. He was followed by security guards in House Hirskaala uniforms who arrested him and took him away. This instigated some of the Sop House's patrons to look into the matter, which ended with them uncovering and bringing down a pirate ring.[1]

The Sop House was also a site of much partying during a celebration over the defeat of the Metatheran Cartel a little over a month later.[2] It sent representation to the SoroSuub Anniversary celebration, 31 BBY in Genarius.[3]