"Privates Vanth and Edder don't know what day it is. We're lucky to all be alive!"

Vanth was a male human soldier who served the Galactic Republic as a private


A Human male, Vanth enlisted the Republic Army during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire and became a private in the 301st Infantry. By 3642 BBY, during the Galactic War between the Republic and the Empire, Vanth was assigned to the ice planet of Hoth. That year, he was selected to as part of a replacement squad for the Chagrian Sergeant Fideltin Rusk. Alongside fellow privates Dromol, Edder, Voshpar, and Reico, Vanth accompanied Sergeant Rusk to the Highmount Ridge region in order to rendezvous with the two Jedi Knights whom Rusk was aiding in their classified mission: Leeha Narezz and the Jedi known as the Hero of Tython.[1]

However, the squad encountered several Imperial patrols on their way, as Hoth was currently the site of a three-way battle between the Empire, the Republic, and the White Maw pirates. Vanth and Edder's inexperience nearly resulted in the death of their fellow squad members, earning Dromol's scorn.


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