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"It's... its good to be back. Thanks"
―Vanto thanking Havoc Squad's Sergeant[src]

Vanto Bazren, also known as Fuse, was a male Zabrak Republic soldier who was part of the Havoc Squad until he defected to the Sith Empire during the Cold War. Realizing that he made a mistake of serving the Empire, he was later turned back to the Republic side by Havoc Squad's new commander.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Vanto had advanced degrees in chemical engineering, structural engineering, and music theory. He was the youngest member of Havoc Squad.

In 3643 BBY, Vanto was stationed on Ord Mantell during a civil war where he was able to locate a nuclear ZR-57 bomb that the Separatists developed. He gave instructions to a newly recruited soldier to defuse a couple of mines and prevent the bomb from been used. Eventually, he along with several members of Havoc Squad betrayed the Republic since they were betrayed on Ando Prime.

Sometime after betraying the Republic, Fuse went to Tatooine where he intended to study bombs and use them to deactivate walkers by an electric charge inside the bomb but Colonel Gorik personally wanted to use these bombs on a live testing ground rather then an open desert. Vanto refused and was locked in a cell. While his bombs were used in terrorization of civilians, he quickly contacted the new lieutenant where he didn't forget since his time on Ord Mantell. He gave the lieutenant and Sergeant Jorgan the coordinates of a secret base in a cave where the bombs have been kept. After the members of Havoc Squad were able to defuse and destroy the bombs, they located the last bomb near a prison where Vanto was been held. As they arrived, Fuse refused to be saved and told them that he wasn't worth the risk and told his savers to stop Gorik. The lieutenant refused to leave him and chose to get him out when the bomb self-destructed. Vanto thanked the Lieutenant for everything and agreed to return to the Republic for everything he had done. His position in Havoc Squad was later filled by Tanno Vik.

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