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"All I've ever wanted was to protect the Republic. I was stationed here when the Empire attacked Coruscant. Saw the Jedi Temple destroyed. All those Padawans and Masters cut down… I started these weapon projects in their honor."
―Var Suthra[1]

Var Suthra was a male Mon Calamari who served as a General of the Galactic Republic.


The Great War[]

Var Suthra fought alongside Master Orgus Din against the reconstituted Sith Empire in the Great Galactic War. He saw the devastation of the Sacking of Coruscant and vowed that nothing like that would ever happen again. In honor of the Jedi who fell in the destruction of the Temple, Suthra began a series of superweapon projects to be used against the Empire,[1] such as the Project Nebula.

The Cold War[]

By the time of the Cold War, Var Suthra had been promoted to a general. He was placed in charge of developing new military technology for the Republic. He oversaw many of the top secret military facilities across the galaxy where new weapon prototypes were being developed.

General Suthra

General Suthra was furious to discover Tarnis's true identity.

Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that the project had been infiltrated by the Sith Lord Tarnis, who stole information on the Republic superweapons for his father, Darth Angral. Through the intervention of an unknown Jedi Knight, Tarnis was defeated and Coruscant was saved from being held hostage by the Planet Prison. Var Suthra then acted as the Knight's liaison, providing intel on the stolen superweapons to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Empire.

Var Suthra first sent the Knight to Ord Mantell to gain intelligence on Angral's plans before heading to Taris to extract Doctor Nasan Godera. When the Knight traveled to Nar Shaddaa to dismantle the Power Guard Project, Var Suthra expressed his relief to be rid of such a controversial project. He then informed the Knight that Angral's right-hand man, Admiral Hacklin, was willing to defect and gave the location of a nearby mining facility, as Hacklin wished to meet only with the Knight and Kira Carsen. But the meeting turned out to be a trap, set by a Child of the Emperor, Valis, to capture Kira.

After escaping the trap, the Knight told Var Suthra that they had to briefly divert from their mission to inform the Jedi Council of Kira's status as a Child, even though the General warned that Bela Kiwiiks and Orgus Din had failed to check in. Afterwards, the Knight headed to Tatooine, the location of the Shock Drum. Godera explained that the Shock Drum was suppose to weaken enemy fortifications with ultrasonic vibrations. Unfortunately, the side effect of the weapon would tear apart a planet's core. Var Suthra banned further testing of the Shock Drum after discovering this potential.

The Knight later reported the destruction of the Shock Drum, to Godera's disappointment, explaining that he wished to study it. Var Suthra reminded him that the Shock Drum's only potential was destroying planets and the Republic is better off without it. He then asked the Knight regarding a Sith Lord named Praven, who surrendered himself to a Republic cruiser. The Knight vouched for Praven's willingness to redeem himself. Var Suthra agreed to hand Praven over to the Jedi Council.

The final destination was Alderaan, in the midst of the Alderaan Civil War. The Knight managed to stop Lord Nefarid from using the Death Mark laser to sabotage the peace talks. Unfortunately, while the Knight was preoccupied, Din died facing Angral, who broadcast his execution over the HoloNet and left the body floating in space for Var Suthra's ships to find.

Thankfully, Din had secretly placed a homing beacon on Angral's battlecruiser, enabling them to track its position when it exited hyperspace. The Knight headed to Uphrades, to find the entire planet devoid of life. With data readings from a Republic medical ship, Godera determined that Angral had created his Desolator from all the superweapon projects. Worse yet, his next destination was Tython. With haste, the Knight intercepted Angral and disabled the Desolator before he destroyed Tython. In the aftermath of Angral's defeat, Var Suthra informed the Jedi Council that they have reports of skirmishes all over the galaxy, preceding war. Kiwiiks stated that even in death, Angral has inspired the Sith to violence.

Second Great Galactic War[]

When the Empire reignited war with the Republic in the aftermath of Angral's death, Var Suthra personally supervised the battle for Corellia, where he once again teamed up with the Hero of Tython. Suthra aided the Hero and their forces in stopping the fallen Jedi Master Tol Braga from starting the Sith Emperor's ritual, though Godera was killed during the battle, infuriating Suthra.

After the Republic triumphed on Corellia and the Hero defeated the Emperor, Suthra recommended that the Hero and their crew be commended by the Republic.

Personality and traits[]

Var Suthra was a cool headed strategist. He looked at the Republic as his family and served it as if it was his very own family. He was also passionately committed to defeating the enemies of the Republic once and for all. He was merciless towards the Empire, sympathetic to the Jedi and always seems to be carrying the weight of the galaxy on his shoulders.

Behind the scenes[]

General Var Suthra is a non-player character in Star Wars: The Old Republic, voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

If the player chooses dark side options during the missions on Corellia, Var Suthra is killed by a rocket launcher during an Imperial Assault.



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