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Varl was the original homeworld of the Hutts, t'landa Til, and possibly the Rybets. According to Hutt legend, it was devastated in a cataclysm that vaporized its atmosphere and obliterated its moons, as well as all other planets in its star system. The planet was located in the Ardos system, in the Hutt Space oversector. It was the original capital of the Hutt Empire, from the empire's formation in 25,200 BBY, to the planet's destruction in 15,000 BBY, where the Hutts relocated to Nal Hutta, as the sector and empire's new capital.


Early historyEdit

Varl was a conquest of the Rakata, and was a part of the Infinite Empire for some period prior to the rise of the Hutts.

The cataclysmEdit

Varl goes boom

Varl was devastated during a cataclysm.

According to Hutt legend, the planet Varl orbited around two suns, Evona and Ardos. Evona and Ardos were venerated as gods by the Hutts. Evona was consumed by a black hole, and in fury, Ardos expelled its gaseous external layers and destroyed the other planets of the star system in 15,000 BBY.

Somehow, Varl survived, though its atmosphere was vaporized, its biosphere was annihilated, and it was left as a wasteland. The Hutts fled Varl before the cataclysm, and soon resettled at their colony on Evocar which they promptly renamed Nal Hutta. They believed that by surviving the cataclysm they had been elevated to the status of 'near-gods'. The planet they left behind was reinhabited by the descendants of abandoned servants of the Hutts, with only a few squalid manufacturing centers built in airdomes.


The tale was generally dismissed as more Huttese hyperbole, and the most commonly accepted alternate theory was that the Hutts destroyed their world themselves in some ancient civil war.

Interestingly, there were signs indicating that the cratered wasteland of the planet Varl was once a pleasant green world, and besides many asteroids, no other world orbited the white dwarf, Ardos. Presumably, the asteroids were the remains of Varl's moons, as researchers at the Baobab Archives claimed to have found Hutt artifacts "on the moons of Varl."

Later historyEdit

Varl remained sacred in Hutt tradition and they forbade other ships approaching, holding patrol ships around the planet.[2]

The Hutts declined to discuss its fate after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.[2]

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A depiction of Varl in The New Essential Guide to Alien Species.


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