The Varluk Organization was a company that designed and sold engine parts to whomever was willing to pay for them. Ran by a male Falleen named Ango Croom, the Organization was headquartered on the planet Zyzar. At one point, the company had a run-in with the gambler Lando Calrissian, who swindled money from them. Some time later, the organization ran out of newly mined material. Learning that Calrissian possessed a puffer pig, a rare and expansive creature that could detect the materials his company needed, Croom decided to steal Calrissian's own pig from his farming estate on Lothal—which doubled as an act of revenge. The gambler, however, ended up infiltrating the company headquarters and, after confronting Croom and his guards, managed to get away with his pig. Nevertheless, Croom discovered that Calrissian, before escaping, had left behind his holographic device, containing a location with a massive haul of raw materials underground. That information not only erased the gambler's debt, but also ensured that the Varluk Organization would keep running for years.[1]

Ango Croom was a the leader of the Varluk Organization.


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