The Vashans were sentient insectoids indigenous to Vasha.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Vashans had a centaur-like structure, with their thin torso emerging from a wide base with four short legs. They possessed two long arms with three fingers, and were capable of fine manipulation. Their heads consisted of two small red eyes set widely on either side of their mouths, which were made up of four small mandibles and two large ones. Their heads peaked into a single large horn.

They were known to be powerful and tireless workers. They also had odd eating habits, and possessed the ability to store items inside themselves, within their antestomachs.


Though their homeworld was a de facto possession of the Ayrou, the Vashans ruled themselves through a theocratic caste system.

They were a deeply religious species, and made annual pilgrimages to Inicus Mont, on the moon called Qina. In midwinter, they would repent during ceremonies led by their priests, known as bohdis. These bodhis would cough up gulletstones known as sin-bullets during this ceremony.

Off-planet, the Vashans were prized for their abilities as workers, yet their diet and their proclivity to store interesting items in their intestines was off-putting to some employers.

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