The Vasudra was a Gallofree Yards GR-75 medium transport owned and operated by the Azzameen family.


The Vasudra is destroyed.

A short time after the Battle of Hoth; Family patriarch Tomaas Azzameen and older brother Galin Azzameen used Vasudra to acquire bacta off the black market. These vendors were smugglers who happened to be Loose Cannon pirates trying to capture the Vasudra for their own means. However, thanks to Ace Azzameen, Aeron Azzameen and Emon Azzameen the Vasudra survived the ambush and the were pirates driven off, but not before Tomaas forced the pirate leaders to surrender the bacta to them first.

Shortly afterwards, the Vasudra acted as transport to supply the bacta to a Rebel hospital set up in the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth. However, during its mission, the Imperial Star Destroyer Corrupter, accompanied by the two Lancer-class frigates Blue Hawk and Cascade, arrived in system and attacked the hospital. Suspicious of their allies' innocence, the Rebels ordered Tomaas to surrender control of the Vasudra to the Rebels and to aid in the evacuation. Tomaas readily agreed, recognizing the need to convince the Rebels of their innocence in the sudden attack. The Vasudra proceeded to dock with the Hospital and aid in the evacuation of the wounded while the few Rebel and Azzameen ships in the area fended off the Imperial ambush. However, the Vasudra could not enter hyperspace in time after undocking with the Hospital and was destroyed in a concentrated assault by Imperial forces, and was one of several ships lost in the battle.

It is believed Tomaas and Galin were still aboard when the Vasudra was destroyed, and thus both have been presumed dead as no survivors are known to have fled the stricken vessel.



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