"Vaux, you're picking up our fighter parts in the market."
―Hera Syndulla, to Vaux[src]

Vaux was a human male who acted as a rebel contact[1] sometime between 4 BBY and 3 BBY.[2] While on the planet Garel, Phoenix Cell member Hera Syndulla sent Vaux and a woman on a mission to find starfighter parts for the squadron in a market, hidden in crates labeled "Ronto Meat." Syndulla warned the pair about increased patrols consisting of Imperial stormtroopers. With that, Vaux and the woman departed on their mission.[1]

Vaux wore tan clothing and a blue helmet which obscured half of his face and had the markings "G6" in Aurebesh. He also had light-colored skin.[1]

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Vaux appears in "Blood Sisters,"[1] the eighth episode of season two of the Star Wars Rebels television series[3] which aired on November 8, 2015.[4] In the episode's script, the character was originally to be named "Jebble" and the crates he was to pick up labeled "Wookiee Meat," but this was changed during production.[5]

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