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Vaynai was a resort planet located within the Vaynai system of the Outer Rim Territories on the Perlemian Trade Route.


It was situated between the Tion Cluster and the Corporate Sector, approximately three hours from Lianna via hyperspace. Vaynai was almost totally covered in one vast, shallow ocean with the exception of a chain of island mesas upon which the planet's only starport was constructed.

Vaynai's oceans teemed with life and were plied by 110-meter long harvester-processor ships run by the Ocean Harvesters. In addition to edible fish, such as Cripe, Glaav and cliff-snails, Vaynai's oceans contained a form of seaweed which could be processed into a medicinal substance known as "Slick", which could speed healing when applied to wounds or ingested. Slick's major side effect was that it induced a temporary state of euphoric delirium, which led to recreational abuse of the substance among some customers.

Corrupt aristocrats dominated Vaynai, profiting from its aquaculture industry and constructing lush towers atop islands of the Vaynai Archipelago, such as Streysel Island. They defended their airspaces with anti-aircraft weaponry. The planet's less fortunate dwelt underground in artificially-created caverns. During the Galactic Empire, the world also catered to the rich and famous and had a booming tourist industry. Its remote location also attracted criminals and smugglers.



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