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"As herald we are more than a typical Joiner, and we retain a sense of individuality. It's also why we're useful to you."
―Vector Hyllus, to Cipher Nine

Vector Hyllus was a male Human aligned with the Sith Empire during the Cold War. He became a Killik Joiner during a diplomatic mission on Alderaan, but retained enough of his individuality that he remained a loyal Imperial operative. He was also a known associate of Cipher Nine.


Vector Hyllus was a second-generation Imperial; his mother was native to Jurio system and married Captain Adronik Hyllus after Jurio was granted Imperial governance. Vector expressed desire to join the Imperial Diplomatic Service at an early age and displayed appropriate traits. He ranked high academically during training, and he was granted his request soon after graduation by being posted aboard an exploration and first contact vessel. During his time in the Diplomatic Corps Vector visited the industrial plants on Fest, full of toxic zones that made multiple workers sick.[3] He was reassigned to Alderaan due to diplomatic manpower needs with the House of Thul. He served ably until his encounter with the Killik species and subsequent "Joiner" transformation. According to Doctor Eckard Lokin, Project Protean arranged Vector's meeting with the Killiks so they could study the Joining.

As a joiner, he served as the Oroboro Nest's Dawn Herald: a warrior and emissary of the nest, one who confronts the unknown. As Herald, Vector was more than a typical joiner and retained a sense of individuality.

After funding for the Eagle's terrorist network was traced to Alderaan, Cipher Nine was sent to identify and eliminate the source. The Imperial Agent met Hyllus and gained entry into House Cortess despite the initial hostile actions of Baroness Chay Cortess. After securing an audience with the Baron, the Cipher Agent managed to get a lead that Denri Ayl, who was a respected Alderaanian mediator, was tied to the terrorists after accessing the library records of House Alde.


Vector prepares to release the Killiks at the shield generator

During this time, it was discovered that Baroness Cortess herself was also aiding the terrorists. The Imperial attempted to confront Cortess, however she instructed her guards to bar entry to the agent. This led to Hyllus bringing in Killik support, resulting in damage to the Cortess shield generator in the Glarus Valley. After fighting their way into House Cortess, the agent revealed the Baroness's betrayal to her husband, Peyar Cortess. House Cortess was not implicated as a whole; however, appropriate responses and precautions had been taken. Vector Hyllus was flagged as an asset in Cipher Nine's employ, and permanent transfer from the Diplomatic Service was granted.

After Doctor Lokin discovered Vector's connection to Project Protean, both Lokin and Vector assaulted Project Protean's HQ. Both "interviewed" the woman in charge and gained answers. Lokin discovered why they desired his demise and how his research was used to further Project Protean, while Vector had his files deleted and stopped further Killik experiments. In the aftermath, Lokin became the new head of Project Protean. Though Vector said he would never trust Doctor Lokin, he was glad that they are on the same side.

As Vector continued to travel with Cipher Nine, he researched the Imperial Citadel's database for any sign of other Killik Nests which migrated away from Alderaan centuries prior. After dreaming of memories of the Great Migration of the lost Killik Nests, Vector asked for leave in order to undergo a pilgrimage to follow the steps of their lost Killik kin. When he returned, he reported he was unable to find any of the lost Killiks and could only infer that they eventually separated into a thousand nests; each going their own way. A few moments later, he was contacted by another Dawn Herald: Daizanna of the Iesei Nest. Both Killik Nests rejoiced at finding their lost kin and invited the Agent to join in their celebration.

Having discovered the resources and benefits of the vast Killik civilizations across the galaxy, Vector proposed to the Imperial Diplomatic Service a Killik-Imperial Alliance. Unfortunately, the Diplomatic Service ignored his report. An old colleague, Falner Oeth, reached out to Vector and proposed an alliance. In exchange for Falner's promise of future support for his Killik alliance proposal, Vector and his Killiks would use their resources to do dirty jobs for him and expand his influence. After completing Oeth's favors, Oeth was promoted and though he revealed himself to be repulsed by the Killiks, he fulfilled his end of the bargain. Oeth arranged for a summit between the Killik representatives and important members of the Diplomatic Service. After a few negotiations and instances of trade, relations between the Imperials and Killiks progressed.

Vector underwent some changes in the meantime. Vector received a message from his former love Anora who pleaded with him to return to Dromund Kaas so they could reverse his "joining". Vector had contemplated her message and had come to the conclusion that he was content with his new life as a Joiner. Vector had also gone through the Chrysalis of Tranquility: a ritual used to strengthen the Dawn Herald and enhances his link to the universe.

After conferring with various ambassadors of the Sith Empire, the Diplomatic Service had finally agreed to an official treaty with the Killiks. At the summit to legitimize the treaty, the proceedings were sabotaged with a bomb that led to the death of Daizanna. Falnar Oeth took responsibility for the bomb and released a public speech decrying the Killik-Imperial Alliance. Even so, the Imperials continued to legitimize the Killik-Imperial treaty and the Imperial-Killik alliance was made official. The Killik Nests offered Vector the position of Dawn Herald of all Killik Nests but refused the position as he felt his priority was being the Agent's companion and covert assault operative.

During the Eternal Empire's Conquest, the Cipher went missing. Vector felt as the starship grew cold in his friend's absence.

Personality and traitsEdit

Vector Lokin

Vector formed a friendship with Doctor Eckard Lokin

Vector Hyllus had repeatedly expressed admiration for Imperial accomplishments while indicating a desire to spread Imperial influence through diplomatic channels. His attitudes were likely shaped by the Imperial reconstruction of his homeworld and are appropriate for a Diplomatic Service member. Hyllus was obedient, intelligent, charismatic and effective. He was unlikely to advance further within diplomatic or military hierarchies.

Behind the scenesEdit

Vector Hyllus is one of the player companions available to the Imperial Agent class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and is a romance option for female characters. He is voiced by Ifan Meredith.



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