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"I have thought a great deal about what I wish to leave behind. Gala needs to be a democracy. The people have asked for it, and I have granted it as my last act as Queen. That will be my legacy."

Veda was the queen of Gala, and the mother of Prince Beju.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Veda had been married to King Cana who had died, and she was the only ruler of Galu and the rest of Gala. Veda was being poisoned by Jono Dunn, Beju, and Giba, who served the family in the palace. Obi-Wan Kenobi told the queen that she was being poisoned, and she understood because she had been dying. Her night-time tea was being poisoned. When Beju learned that Elan had the Mark of the Crown, and not him, he stepped out of the election. Wila Prammi was elected Governor, and Veda went on with her life with her son.

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