"If you or your father ever need a place...look me up on Vedis IV."
―Toob Ancher to Drake Paulsen[src]

Vedis IV was a planet located in the Vedis system, which was part of the Mayagil sector in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy.[1] Around 3 BBY,[2] the smuggler Toob Ancher was known to reside on the planet.[3] Vedis IV was also where another smuggler named Lu Esi died when he crashed his freighter into the planet while being chased by sector authorities.[4]

Behind the scenes

Vedis IV was first mentioned in the 1994 article Out of the Cradle, written by Patricia A. Jackson and published within Star Wars Adventure Journal 2. It was again mentioned within the 1995 Star Wars Adventure Journal 5, in the short story A Bitter Winter, which was also written by Patricia Jackson.


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