"Our pride demands that our enemy be executed by our own hand -- or by our proxy."
―Vedo Anjiliac Atirue[src]

Vedo Anjiliac Atirue was a Hutt who was the leader of Anjiliac kajidic, the uncle of Azzim Anjiliac Atirue, and a member of the Hutt Grand Council during the Second Imperial Civil War. He was also a close friend of Queen Jool.


"Ho, ho, ho! The legendary Admiral Stazi vouching for the pirate? The galaxy has gone mad. Done. Vedo out."
―Vedo Anjiliac Atirue after Gar Stazi vouched for Cade Skywalker.[src]

Following the death of Azzim in the devastation of Da Soocha and Napdu by the One Sith, Vedo wanted revenge. Jool spoke highly of a pirate named Cade Skywalker who could get the job Vedo had in mind done, and he asked her to contact him. Arriving on Nal Hutta with Wolf Sazen, Jariah Syn, and Deliah Blue, Skywalker and his friends preceded to Vedo's headquarters, where they found Naxy Screeger working as Vedo's gatekeeper. Screeger reminded Skywalker that he owed him for telling him that Sith scientist Vul Isen was on Daluuj. However, Skywalker refused to pay him as the information was false, before moving in to see Vedo, reminding him that they were invited. Screeger wasn't bothered, and decided to let Skywalker pass, before correcting that only he was invited and causing a door to fall from the ceiling, cutting off Cade from his companions and disappearing into the ground. Several security droids then attacked him, but he easily dispatched them with his lightsaber.

Moving forward, Skywalker encountered Vedo, who apologized for the trap, stating that he needed to test if Cade was really as good as was claimed. Jool also apologized, stating that she perhaps spoke of him too highly. Vedo then made an offer to Skywalker to kill Vul Isen, who created the toxin used to purge Dac and Da Soocha of all life. Vedo laid a trap for Isen, using Galactic Alliance Remnant Admiral Gar Stazi as bait. Forwarding Stazi's whereabouts on Utapau to the Galactic Empire, Vedo knew that Isen would come to not only kill Stazi, but to purge Utapau of all life and the many Alliance personnel taking refuge there. Skywalker asked Vedo as to why he was being hired, since he was hunting Isen already. The Anjiliac responded that he would become a Hutt agent, and the enemy would die by the Hutts' hand. As Utapau and the Alliance were already at risk, Skywalker could see no other risks. If he failed, the Sith would win, and would become a much larger threat than any resulting Hutt anger. He accepted, and Vedo informed Skywalker that a Bothan agent named Pobos would meet him there. Although Pobos was killed by a Sith assassin, Skywalker ultimately succeeded in killing Isen and prevented him from releasing his plague on the planet.

Vedo along with other Hutts presented bounties for those who could kill Sith and collect their lightsabers. Vedo again employed Cade to kill more Sith as a way to contribute to the war, but not be officially in it. When Cade destroyed a Star Destroyer but had no lightsabers to prove it, Vedo questioned the loyalty and honesty of a pirate, but Gar Stazi vouched for Skywalker as Rogue Squadron was present when Skywalker destroyed the Imperial warship.


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