"Brother Canderous vouched for you, so you can stay, but if you betray us, I'll kill you. If your weakness causes one of my people to get hurt, I'll kill you. If you slow us down, I'll kill you. Is that clear?"
"Wait…what was that second one again? Maybe I should write this down."
―Veelo Ordo and Revan[src]

Veela Ordo was a female Mandalorian and the wife of Canderous Ordo. After the death of Mandalore the Ultimate at the hands of the Jedi Knight Revan, Clan Ordo fell apart. Veela felt that Canderous was the clan's greatest warrior and should have taken the mantle of Mandalore. Instead, he went into self imposed exile, leaving behind his wife, who felt betrayed that he had abandoned her and their clan, and assumed leadership herself. Two years after the end of the Jedi Civil War, Veela was reunited with Canderous during her husband's quest to find Mandalore's Mask. She and her fellow clansmen were stationed on the snowy world of Rekkiad, where they had put up a camp. She followed Revan (under the alias "Avner") and Canderous to the Twin Spears in order to find Mandalore's mask. Veela and Canderous slowly began to reconcile. However, when she discovered Revan's true identity, she planned to kill him out of revenge for what he had done to the Mandalorian people. Veela pleaded with Canderous to return to the clan, but after he refused to turn on Revan, she ordered her followers to kill them both. In the ensuing firefight, Veela was killed from a blaster shot through the heart by her husband.[1]



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