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The Veiled Sorority was a secretive and matriarchal pirate organization.


MotPQ FC character art

The Pirate Queen of the Veiled Sorority.

The Veiled Sorority operated in the Outer Rim Territories during the last years of the Galactic Republic and during the Imperial Period. The organization was ruled by a Pirate Queen who was elected among a council of captains and advisors, only females. The queen kept her identity secret and wore an elaborate mask in public. If the queen was killed, another was chosen and the mask was transmitted to her successor so that most of the Sorority ignored the transfer of power, making the Queen immortal. The Veiled Sorority also kept some anonymity by avoiding drawing attention of authorities in attacking essentially only other criminal groups.[1]


By 0 ABY, the Ubese female Noira was the third Pirate Queen of the Veiled Sorority since its creation. Contrary to the practices of the organization, she decided to focus her attention on one group: the Zann Consortium. This resulted in a violent reprisal from Tyber Zann and culminated in the death of the Pirate Queen in a large space battle.[1]


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