Vekozev Kabir -- nicknamed "Zev" -- worked with Ahakistan resistance groups before he became a member of the Rebel Alliance. At the Battle of Hoth, he attended Princess Leia's pilot briefing before heading to his T-47 airspeeder. Flying under the callsign Rogue Eight with Stax Mullawny as his gunner, he was shot down by an AT-AT while defending Echo Base.

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A sympathizer to the Rebellion, Kabir worked with local resistance on his homeworld. Kabir however believed that the Empire could only be beaten if one was to strike at its source of power, leading Kabir to join the Rebellion.

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Vekozev Kabir, originally known only as "Zev Kabir," was identified as one of the pilots seen in Echo Base in the article "Rogues Gallery: Clearance for Immediate Launch" in Star Wars Insider 146. He was renamed to avoid confusion with Zev Senesca.[1]



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