"I don't know for sure who's doing anything to organize against the boss. Maybe no one. But if they're out there, and you ask around enough, they'll find you."
―Vel Pastar, concealing his allegiance[src]

Vel Pastar was a grizzled and grumpy old Twi'lek who had been working with the smugglers in the Cularin system since Riboga the Hutt first came to power within the system[1]. Like many others within the Organization, Pastar was not fond of the some of the changes which Nirama instituted when he took over from Riboga, and ended up joining the Cell.

Vel Pastar was often found in the haze-filled deepest corner of the Hutt's Tail cantina on Nirama's public asteroid, and would have his daughter, Kor, bring any new recruits in Red Sector to meet with him. He would measure the recruits' responses to his questions to see if they might be open to recruitment into the Cell, while himself maintaining an air of being vaguely supportive of Nirama.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Riboga did so in 110 BBY; TopWorld takes place in 31 BBY; so Pastar had been working for 79 years. Even if he had began as a child, he would be a "venerable" Twi'lek (but not unfathomably old) following the aging table for Twi'leks in Star Wars Roleplaying Game and Ultimate Alien Anthology
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