The Velcar Free Commerce Zone, or the FCZ, was an autonomous region of the Outer Rim, possibly synonymous with the Velcar sector. It was a corporate state controlled by Commerce Master Commissioners, many representing business interests. Many primitive species inhabited the planets of the Zone, and were essentially enslaved as indentured laborers by the Commerce Commissioners. During Imperial times it was located in Oversector Outer, and was under the influence of first Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, then his successor, Ardus Kaine.

In 7 ABY, Kaine held a series of talks with the leaders of the Commerce Zone, along with neighboring political, military, and business leaders. At the end of the talks, a treaty was signed forming a new government, the Pentastar Alignment. The Commerce Zone was absorbed into the new government. It was presumably not established after the Alignment collapsed, was itself absorbed by the Imperial Remnant, and then overrun by the New Republic.

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