"Good people, to enhance your celebration I bring good tidings. The Metatheran Cartel has decided that the Cularin system is worthy of heavier investment."
―Velin Wir's transmission to Gadrin[src]

Velin Wir was a male Caarite business manager, Force Adept and the Metatheran Cartel's envoy to the Cularin system before Thurm Loogg.


Around 31 BBY, Velin Wir was involved in the Metatheran Cartel's attempt to obtain a charter on Cularin, where they intended to build a trading center. The Cartel had to bribe some key members of the Trade Federation and staff members of the Baron Administrators of the main cities in Cularin, Gadrin and Hedrett. Wir kept records of those bribes in a personal datapad.[1]

Although Velin Wir was slightly Force-sensitive, he was not truly skilled in lightsaber's use. He did own a lightsaber, a gift from crimelord Riboga the Hutt, linked with a proximity sensor that fried the saber's circuits and set off a tiny thermal detonator implanted in Wir's chest should he ever be separated from the lightsaber by more than three meters.[1]

On the 200th anniversary of Reidi Artom's founding of Gadrin, Velin Wir interrupted the city's celebration to announce the Cartel's intention to build a trading and distribution center on Cularin. What he did not say was that a Cartel base already had been built hidden in the jungle west of Gadrin.[2]

Velin Wir had hired a group of pirates to steal a shipments of high tech supplies from various trading concerns. The pirates used a landing platform close enough from the Cartel's base to be convenient, but far enough for plausible deniability about a connection between the Cartel and the pirates.[2]

Unconfirmed rumors suggested that Wir had met with seedy entrepreneur Rufus Trammel, but the Metatheran Cartel refused to confirm or refute those claims.[3]

When the pirates kidnapped a House Hirskaala employee named Darin who had information he said would ruin the Cartel, a group of people looking for him followed the pirates' movements and rumors to the vicinity of the Cartel base and the pirates' platform. The visitors were found by a security patrol and shown into the Cartel base. Velin Wir told them about a platform near his base which saw a considerable amount of traffic, but said he knew nothing more about it. He sent one of his security patrols to lead the investigators to the platform, and later filled the news with stories playing up his role in helping the "heroes of Cularin" in rooting out the pirate threat, revealing the presence of the jungle base at the same time.[2]

Those heroes re-entered Wir's life over a month later when they helped the Cularin resistance. The resistance had proof of Wir's wrong-doing, including cutting down ch'hala trees, a violation of the Cularin Compact.[4] One final piece of proof was needed to build a concrete case, and following an attack by the Cartel's forces on the resistance's hidden base, the resistance attacked the Cartel's jungle base to get that piece. The heroes slipped around the firefight to get the information in the records room, and came upon Wir, who faced them with his lightsaber ignited.[1] In the course of battling the intruders, he was disarmed and died.[1][5]

The Metatheran Cartel destroyed Wir's jungle base and retired from Cularin, but they maintained that Wir had become rogue individually and that they would look for more corruption in their staff before returning.[1] Thurm Loogg was appointed the next Metatheran Cartel envoy. He spent much of his time trying to overcome the public relations debacle left by Velin Wir, and seemed to hold less real power.[6][7]



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