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This article is about the creature. You may be looking for the starfighter used by the Lok Revenants.

The velker was a flying creature found on the planet Bespin.



It looked like a flying wing with eyes, a tail, and a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. It could produce electrical energy fields to stun threats and its natural prey, beldons. Large groups would feed on a stunned beldon, shredding it to pieces as it fell. This feeding could take several days as the beldon fell towards the liquid-gas interface layer deep below the higher levels. The electrical fields could damage cloud cars that passed by them, and indeed velkers would occasionally attack small ships that came too near. Indeed there was one incident where a large pack of velkers attacked Cloud City, possibly mistaking it for a strange beldon, but such incidents were very rare.

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A Gladiator walker team competing in the Corellian League was known as the Bespin Velkers.[2]



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