Velrugha was a[1] hermaphrodite[2] Hutt who commanded a military force during a number of invasion attempts made on the Hutt Space planet of Riileb. The planet's sentient native species, also called the Riileb, had been discovered previously by Nimbanese scouts who served the Hutts; the Riilebs had resisted the visitors' efforts to convince them to enter voluntary servitude to the Hutts. Taking a more forceful approach to enslaving the species, Velrugha's forces attempted to invade and take control of the planet several times but were successfully repelled on each attempt. Velrugha eventually gave up taking the planet and left the Riileb alone to search for other weaker or more compliant species to conquer. After Velrugha's attempted invasions, the Riileb remained independent of the Hutts.[1]

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Velrugha was first mentioned in 1997 in the thirteenth issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journal, a series of supplements to Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game from West End Games. The Hutt was mentioned in the article "Alien Encounters," which was written by Brian Smithson and later republished in an abridged form in the 1998 book Alien Encounters, a collection compiled by Paul Sudlow including all of the "Alien Encounters" articles.

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