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"Real vacation spot ya found here, Cade!"
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Vendaxa was a planet located within the Vendaxa system of the Expansion Region.


Vendaxa was known for having one of the densest ecosystems in the galaxy, which gave rise to such nightmarish predators as the acklay, who hunted for leathery-shelled lemnai on the plains and fish in the oceans.[2] It was also home to a wide range of other deadly creatures. The planet was covered by lush, fertile plains and deep oceans, as well as other environments.

An Acklay.

Vendaxa's sun bathed the planet in a harsh light, influencing the evolution of sight on Vendaxa, causing life there to have small, dark eyes. Instead of sight, Vendaxan life developed other ways of sensing potential prey, such as electroreception.


Prior to the advent of the Galactic Republic, the planet was a subject of the Rakatan Infinite Empire.[4]

The planet became an interest to those seeking to trade with the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Geonosis, knowing how beasts such as the acklay were prized specimens for the Petranaki arena. During the Clone Wars, Vendaxa was even located within Separatist space.

In 137 ABY, Astraal Vao and Marasiah Fel met Shado Vao on Vendaxa, where they promised to rendezvous if they were ever in trouble. Unknown to them however, they were followed by Darth Talon. Knowing that the Sith were hunting Marasiah in an attempt to draw out Emperor Roan Fel, Imperial Knight Antares Draco and his friend Ganner Krieg staged a rescue attempt, against the Emperor's wishes.



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