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The Vendetta was a Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser serving in the forces of the Galactic Empire.


The Vendetta was assigned to the planet Carida, as the only large capital ship attached to the Imperial military academy there. Colonel Ardax, a veteran Army officer, found himself serving as her captain, but she also became the command ship for Ambassador Furgan, the planet's civilian governor.

In 11 ABY, realizing that Kyp Durron's use of the Sun Crusher had doomed Carida, Furgan ordered Vendetta loaded with the Academy's Stormtrooper graduates and the experimental Mountain Terrain Armored Transports and the vessel entered hyperspace for Anoth, where Furgan planned to kidnap Anakin Solo—leaving the rest of the planet's population to perish in the explosion of Carida's star.

Arriving at Anoth, Furgan chose to personally oversee the operation. Vendetta remained in orbit above Anoth while Furgan led the assault on the hidden stronghold.

The arrival of Galactic Voyager and the betrayal of Furgan's slave Terpfen interrupted the abduction plans. Ardax attempted to flee, but Vendetta was destroyed in the ensuing space segment of the Battle of Anoth, obliterated by massive lightning storms while attempting to navigate between the parts of Anoth.

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Vendetta is Italian for revenge and vengeance.



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