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The Vengeance-class dreadnought was a dreadnought-scale warship in the Imperial Navy.



Vengeance command tower

The Vengeance class's command tower.

The Vengeance-class was based on the standard Super Star Destroyer design, the Executor-class.[3] As such, the ship class was approximately 19 kilometers long.[2] In addition, because of its dimensions, the ship class sometimes possessed the standard classification of a space station[6]

In contrast with the Executor-class, the Vengeance-class's frame was supplied with a slender build, more narrow than standard Star Destroyers, almost sword-like in comparison to the usual dagger shape.

The Vengeance-class's height contrasted its length, which was little more than 150 meters and with downward sloping armor dominating most of the dorsal frame. The ship class's bridge was extensive, but also covered much of the command tower, unlike most other KDY warship classes.[4] It is known that it was one of the larger Super Star Destroyers of the Imperial era, and its length (exceeding 5,000 meters) put it firmly in the Star Dreadnought category.[7][1]

Offensive and defensive systemsEdit


The Vengeance-class's array of engines.

The Vengeance was only shown defeating a small, probably unmanned CR90 corvette,[4] but the ship class it belonged to had armaments similar to Star Dreadnoughts of the Executor-class.[2]

Propulsion systemsEdit

The Vengeance-class had a cluster of engines, consisting of three primary engines, two secondary engines flanking the vessel and six auxiliary engines clustering around the primary ones.[4]


Little is known about the capabilities of the Vengeance-class, except that they carried a number of TIE/LN starfighters and assault shuttles.[8]

Command bridgeEdit

The Vengeance-class was unique in that it lacks the standard Kuat Drive Yards-style wedge shaped command bridge tower. Instead, the command bridge is located on a small square ridge near the stern of the ship.[4] It shared this trait with the Praetor Mark II-class battlecruiser.


Byss fleet2

Vengeance-class dreadnoughts around Byss

The Vengeance-class was one of several heavy capital ship classes made after the Executor-class Star Dreadnought.[1]

The flagship of the Dark Jedi and Imperial Inquisitor Jerec was a dreadnought of this class named the Vengeance. It was used from some time before the Battle of Endor[5] to the time of his death in 5 ABY.[9] Several Vengeance-class dreadnoughts were apparently utilized by the Byss Defense Fleet.[10]

Three Vengeances anchored massive task forces sent from the Deep Core to reconquer the Core Worlds in 10 ABY. One of which, the Javelin, was destroyed during the subsequent Imperial Civil War when its captain steered it into a Torpedo Sphere that guarded Chasin.[1]

Vengeance SotG

A Vengeance-class vessel from behind.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Vengeance-class dreadnought first appeared in The Essential Guide to Warfare, alongside a ship within its class, the Javelin. Although artwork of it was never shown, the name of the ship class suggested a connection to Jerec's flagship of the same name. A post made by Paul R. Urquhart on the TEGTW forum for TheForce.Net revealed that the similarities and connections between the ship class and Jerec's ship was intentional.[11]

In his concept art for an unused command ship for Kylo Ren in Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, James Clyne illustrated a design that greatly resembles the Vengeance-class.[12]



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