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The Vengeance was the personal Star Destroyer of Imperial Advisor Bregius Golthan.


The ship was involved in a number of engagements against New Republic forces. After one such battle, it docked at the Wroona Stardock for repairs. However, while there it was infiltrated by the mercenaries Dirk Harkness and Jai Raventhorn. The pair had been pursued for a number of years by Goltan, and Harkness had even been tortured by the Advisor, who removed one of his eyes. Wearing technician uniforms, the pair made "repairs" to the bridge—in actuality, they placed a number of detonation charges.

The plan encountered a snag when Golthan bumped into the saboteurs in the corridor. In a violent fight, the mercenaries managed to kill Golthan but were trapped in his private rooms. Unable to escape to the docking bay and their planned exit, the pair jettisoned off the ship in Golthan's private escape pod. Their explosives ripped through the bridge of the Star Destroyer, and the ship was further damaged when the mercenaries' companions attacked from their own starships. The combined destruction left the ship damaged beyond repair. Many of its escape pods fell to the planet below where they were retrieved and sold to the Wroonian Salvage Guild.


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