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"This is Star Destroyer Vengeance to all escort craft. We are entering high orbit."
Vengeance commander on arrival at Sulon — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The Vengeance was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer belonging to the Dark Jedi Jerec.



The Vengeance under Vice Admiral Slenn.

During the Attack at Datar, the Star Destroyer was under the command of Vice Admiral Slenn.[2] A unit under the command of Nahdonnis Praji was assigned to serve aboard the Vengeance and sent to sever Rebel Alliance supply networks on the planet.[3] During this battle, Slenn accidentally tipped off the Rebels about the Imperial attack, causing them to fight to the last man. Darth Vader, displeased at not being able to capture any of the Rebels alive, executed Slenn. The Vengeance later participated in the Battle of Nar Shaddaa.[2]

It was captained by Thrawn during the events surrounding the violent battle to bring Sulon under Imperial control and Morgan Katarn's death.

Although this ship was destroyed by the monster Spore, Jerec managed to salvage its computer core and transfer it to a new Star Destroyer, Vengeance II.

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According to The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (Vol 3, page 301), the Vengeance that attacked the Rebels on Nar Shaddaa is the same as the one under the command of Jerec in pursuit of Spore.



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