SWE1R (Vengeance)

The podrace course

Vengeance was a podracing course on Oovo IV and the sixth race of the Amateur Podracing Circuit. Providing most of the entertainment for the prisoners of Desolation Alley, this dangerous race gave racers a unique experience of flying free of gravity through the gravity tubes.

The race began with a crescent-shaped arena, which immediately threw racers into the depths of Oovo IV and a run through tunnels at high speeds with dangerous girders in the center. Then, the race continued along a long bridge which opened up to the searchlights of Desolation Alley which were looking for any escaping convicts. Soon after, pilots were forced to navigate through giant fan blades at over six hundred mph. Not long after, they were then sent through the first of many anti-gravity tubes, which were littered with raw ore.

Live Race- Oovo IV- Vengeance


Next, the tube opened up to a massive room with free floating ore: the reactor core of the facility. The filament would sever the magbeam holding the engines together, which racers had to dodge, and reenter the tubes. Again, the tubes opened up to massive towers, which racers had to dodge or pay an excessive amount of collateral damage, which may have included their lives. Another shot from the anti-gravity tubes and the racers were shot out back onto the surface, where they had to navigate the straightaway back to the arena.

The avenues which divided the cell blocks were very wide, so racers with high top speed and cooling ratings would excel on this course.

Tournament and race numberEdit

This course was the sixth race in the Amateur Podracing Circuit tournament.

Track favoriteEdit

Fud Sang

  • Lap Time: 01:16.880
  • Race Time: 03:51.921


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