Vengeance Battle Group was an Imperial battle group centered around the Super Star Destroyer Vengeance.


The unit included the Super Star Destroyer Vengeance, numerous escorts, among which were at least three Imperial-class Star Destroyers, several EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates, a screen of picket vessels, and a high amount of TIE fighters, interceptors and bombers.

The group also carried Imperial ground troops, commando units and armored units.

Judging from remarks made by NR operatives, the composition of the battle group was not unusual nor unexpected, which hints at many similar-sized units in existence in the Imperial Navy.


Vengeance battle group

Vengeance Battle Group insignia

The naval unit was utilized by Dark Jedi Jerec in his search for the mystical Valley of the Jedi.

During their time in orbit of Ruusan, the battle group had only half their entitled amount of ordnance and were desperate for more resources. This led to them falling for a New Republic ruse. The ruse consisted of a damaged "Imperial" transport packed with proton torpedoes being allowed entry into Ruusan orbit and handing its cargo over to the group. The transport would then leave and allow NR agent Kyle Katarn's ship, Moldy Crow, to slip out of its cargo bay and into Ruusan's atmosphere.

Following the deaths of all the Dark Jedi on Ruusan, the battle group's fate is unknown.

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