This article is about the starship. You may be looking for the planet, Derra IV.

Vengeance Derra IV was a Dwarf Star-class freighter modified to serve as a warship under Warlord Zsinj.


After the New Republic took control of the Imperial stronghold on Borleias, Zsinj dispatched this ship to confirm the New Republic presence and probe the defenses of the Pyria system. Using a secret backdoor sliced into the New Republic's authentication system, Vengeance Derra IV nearly fooled the Champion Squadron Y-wings on system patrol.

Corran Horn, following a hunch, chose to challenge the freighter. The freighter refused to slow, and launched four TIE Fighters and two TIE Bombers. In the ensuing battle, Horn and the Y-wings destroyed five of the fighters, disabled one bomber, and damaged Vengeance Derra IV enough to drive her away.

Later, the New Republic ordered Rogue Squadron to launch a retaliatory strike against the freighter, and they attacked it over Mrisst. Despite the assistance of a new set of TIE Fighters and a second starship, Contruum's Pride, Vengeance Derra IV was so crippled that she required assistance to keep from crashing into the planet.



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