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The Vengeance II, or simply Vengeance, was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer that served in Death Squadron and under command of Inquisitor Jerec.


Following the loss of the original Vengeance, the Dark Jedi Jerec had the ship's computer core salvaged and transferred to a new Imperial-class Star Destroyer, the Vengeance II. With its predecessor destroyed, this ship was often simply referred to as the Vengeance.[3]

The ship was later modified, with its cargo holds refitted to carry additional TIE starfighters. After that, Jerec transferred the Vengeance II to Darth Vader's infamous Death Squadron, as he was already constructing a new Super Star Destroyer flagship, also named the Vengeance.[1] Shortly after the Battle of Hoth the ship was commanded by Admiral Mordon and participated in the subjugation of the Taroon system.[4]

At some point in time, Jerec was able to reacquire the Vengeance II. About one year after the Battle of Endor, Blackhole contacted Jerec and recruited him into the forces of the reincarnated Emperor Palpatine. To show his loyalty, Jerec gave Blackhole the Vengeance II to take back to Byss.[2]

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In his Star Wars Blog Abel G. Peña made clear, that the reference in The Dark Forces Saga, Part 6 was ment to clarify, that the Star Destroyer named Vengeance that appeared in the game Star Wars: TIE Fighter was the same ship as the Vengeance II.



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