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The Vengeful One was an ancient Rakata whose mind was trapped on the Infinite Empire's prison world of Belsavis. This event occurred thousands of years ago and the being responsible for the act was another Rakata known to their people as the Breeder. As a result, the imprisoned Rakata called himself the Vengeful One as he desired vengeance against the Breeder. However, in the thousands of years that passed, the Breeder died whilst the Vengeful One remained trapped within his Mind prison.[1]

During the Cold War, a member of the Sith Empire encountered the Vengeful One's prison. Impressed by their actions, he tasked the Imperial with getting his revenge on the Breeder's twisted monstrous animal creations that resided in a nearby vault. He reasoned that if he was unable to get vengeance on the Breeder than the beasts would die in his place. He promised ancient Rakatan technology in return for the deed which, if accomplished, meant he would finally relinquish the title of the Vengeful One as his revenge would be complete.[1]

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