Vengler was a planet located within the Vengler system in Wild Space. Imperial scouts discovered it a few years before 7 ABY. It had a very primitive spaceport in which there was Varno Market, the principal point of interest of the planet. The inhabitants were mostly farmers and had a life of subsistence. Otherwise, the planet was seemingly not highly regarded. Vengler was also the home of the Scitrok Warriors.

The Varno MarketEdit


Layout of the Varno Market around 7 ABY.

Being the only point of interest on the planet, Varno Market was about one square kilometer in area and surrounded the spaceport area. It was a market where spacers would re-fuel and supply. This lead to trading involving many artifacts they had discovered on their journeys winding up at the market, and this is why many valuable things could be found there. Little after the reconstitution of the Republic, a group of Republic scouts came on Vengler to supply. After trading a dozen Holoreels for some food, a scout was given "some kind of medallion," which turned out to be the Eye of Koda, a map to Koda's World, which had been discovered by Krin Koda in the early years of the Empire. There was a confrontation with the Scitrok warriors lead by Dhar Bullwin; the scouts escaped and flew to Koda's world.[2]


Scitrok warriors are ordered to attack New Republic scouts in the Varno Market, one of them holding the Eye of Koda.


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