Venom Zero—also known as "VZ"—was a squad of Venom assault troopers that served the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet during the Second Imperial Civil War. Considered to be an elite unit, Venom Zero was not permanently assigned to any one Sabertooth-class assault/rescue vessel like its fellow squads but was constantly transferred between ships when the mission deemed that the unit was needed. Like other Venom assault squads, Venom Zero was trained in close-quarters combat, zero-G combat, and ship-to-ship boarding tactics. When not engaged in battle, Venom Zero was responsible for training its fellow squads in advanced combat techniques.


Like other Venom assault squads, Venom Zero was suitably equipped for boarding actions and close-quarters combat. Standard equipment included Venom Assault armor, which was vacuum-sealed powered armor with limited jump jet capability for maneuverability in zero-G; blaster carbines; vibroswords; and stun, concussion, and gas grenades. Floating surveillance droids were also used to scout enemy positions or used as programmable weapons platforms.[1]


A Venom assault trooper

Venom Zero was an elite squad of Venom assault troopers assigned to the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet in 137 ABY, serving during the Second Imperial Civil War. Like all Venom assault squads, Venom Zero—also known simply as "VZ"—specialized in ship-to-ship boarding actions, zero-G combat, and hand-to-hand fighting. Deployed from Sabertooth-class assault/rescue vessels, Venom assault squads breached enemy vessels when their carrier used the "teeth" on the bow of the craft to latch onto opposing ships. Squads would then pour into the captured ship from multiple breach points, subduing enemy resistance and securing objectives.[1]

While most Venom assault squads were permanently assigned to a single Sabertooth-class vessel, Venom Zero had no permanent base of operations and was instead constantly moved around the ships in the Core Fleet, being assigned to whichever vessel needed its expertise the most. When not actively employed in combat, Venom Zero provided advanced training to the squads aboard the ship on which it was currently deployed.[1]

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Venom Zero was featured in Wizards of the Coast's Legacy Era Campaign Guide, published on March 17, 2009.[2]


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