Verge was a human male who held the rank of Prelate at the age of twenty years old. Verge was a rising star of Emperor Palpatine's Ruling Council, and was the youngest member of said council. It was rumored that Verge was the offspring of one of many of Palpatine's ministers. These rumors also claimed that he built a mansion on Naboo, which had a small private shrine to Palpatine's glories. The rumors even claimed that Verge disfigured himself to be like the Emperor. The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Herald served as his personal ship.[2]

Verge pulled Tabor Seitaron out of retirement to be his chosen captain for his flagship as they went on the hunt for Imperial defector Everi Chalis. Verge was killed by Seitaron during the Siege of Inyusu Tor.[2]

According to Seitaron, Verge was skilled at analysis and seemed to genuinely care for his men, though he was also violent and harsh.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Verge first appeared in Battlefront: Twilight Company, a novel written by Alexander Freed and published in 2015.[2]



Notes and references[]

  1. The sections of Battlefront: Twilight Company where Verge appears and subsequently dies are set twenty-two years after the Clone Wars, which ended in 19 BBY, according to Star Wars: Galactic Atlas. Verge must have therefore appeared and died in 3 ABY.
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