The Vermin-Thrax was a HCT-2001 Dragonboat-class Reugeot 905 freighter was used by the Trandoshan hunters of Garnac's hunting guild during the Clone Wars.


The slave ship had dual, forward-facing braking thrusters to aid in landing procedures.[4] It was equipped with at least 12 cargo modules located at the stern of the ship and it was armed with at least one chain gun turret.[3]


The Trandoshans abducted aliens of various species, including Jedi Initiates Jinx, Kalifa, and O-Mer, and held them in cages on this ship. Reugeot 905, was used to ferry these kidnapped beings to the isolated jungle moon of Wasskah. After the captives were brought to the moon of Wasskah and released into jungle, the Trandoshans would hunt them for sport. In 21 BBY, they kidnapped Padawan Ahsoka Tano who rallied the surviving Initiates and, with the aide of fellow captive, the Wookiee Chewbacca, defeated the group of hunters.[3]

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Originally, the episode guide for "Wookiee Hunt" identified the ship as the Reugeot 905. However, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Incredible Vehicles named the ship as the Vermin-Thrax. The Official Star Wars Fact File Part 30 later resolved the inconsistency by attributing "Reugeot 905" to part of the ship's class designation, while reinforcing the Vermin-Thrax as the individual ship's name.



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