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"Verpine choral arrangements. They don't sing, they just rub their legs together!"
Sabine Wren, in her personal journal[src]

The Verpine were an insectoid sentient species that controlled Roche Hive, a droid manufacturer based on the planet Roche. Effor was a member of the Verpine species.

Biology and appearanceEdit

A bipedal insectoid sentient species with green skin,[2] Verpine[1] had a pair of digitigrade legs that terminated in two-toed feet and a pair of[2] saw-blade[4] arms that ended in three-fingered hands.[2] Their heads sat atop a long neck and featured a pair of antenna, two black eyes,[2] and mouthparts.[4]

Society and cultureEdit

Verpine on Wecacoe

A Verpine in Weacoe city

The Verpine were a hive-based species.[3] Instead of singing, they rubbed their legs together to produce choral arrangements[1] and communicated by chattering. Verpine displayed affection by rubbing their mouthparts together.[4]

They were the namesake of the cruciform Verpine ratchet.[5]

Verpine in the galaxyEdit

Based on Roche,[3] a planet located in the galaxy's Mid Rim,[6] the Verpine Roche Hive manufactured the 8D-series smelter droid.[3] Verpine shipwrights crafted designs that engineer Quarrie aimed to improve upon in his designing of the Prototype B6.[7]

By the year 4 BBY,[source?] a Verpine known as Effor worked at an gladiatorial arena.[2] A Verpine was present in Weacoe city on the planet Wecacoe sometime before the Battle of Scarif.[8] In 5 ABY, a pair of Verpine New Republic advisors were loudly arguing at a table at Izzik's, a restaurant located in Nakadia's planetary capital of Quarrow, prior to the first convening of the Galactic Senate at the Quarrow Senate house. They were later leaning over a different table, lustily rubbing their mouthparts together.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Verpine were first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon in Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook, a young readers book written by Daniel Wallace[1] and released on February 3, 2015.[9] They were originally created for Star Wars 7: New Planets, New Perils!, the seventh issue of Marvel Comics' earlier Legends Star Wars comic series,[10] which was first published on October 11, 1977.[11]



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