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Verral Kayrell was a member of the police force in Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine. He was the police station's speeder bike mechanic and was sometimes seen in the cantina's of Mos Eisley. When a group of Rebels were inquiring about Maxine Baytor, they met with Verral who informed them that she was being held at the local police station on the other side of town and struck a deal with him. In exchange for a Natrilux conductor relay, he would leave the station's underground garage door unlocked for them. This was of interest to him as it was a rare component for his hobby; short-wave transmitters. The group proceeded to get the relay from the HoloNet Waystation orbiting Tatooine and returned to him. When they gave him the relay he informed them that an Imperial customs frigate had picked up their visit to the station and was sending a contingent of stormtroopers to the city. Because of this, the group quickly planned their attack. Verral informed them that the duty officer always napped around the time that they were planning but someone would have to distract the desk sergeant for the plan to work. Though the group considered sending Verral to distract the sergeant, they agreed not to do so.


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