"Just spraying for Garqi vert-mites. Not much threat here, really, but once they get into a place…"
―Chala Venan[src]

The vert-mite was a species of mite native to Garqi,[1] an agriworld in the Cassandran Worlds.[2] According to the Imperial commandos Chik Apla and Chala Venan, the vert-mites were extremely quick, and left behind mite-dust. This residue had a particular feel and taste. Apla and fellow commando Iry Danta, who were scoping out the Reflection Gardens on Coruscant in preparation for sabotaging the Wedding of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade that was to occur there, claimed to be spraying for vert-mites inadvertently brought into the Gardens by a tourist. Although challenged by a Gardens employee, they managed to convince her of their sincerity.[1]

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Michael Stackpole created the vert-mites for the comic book Union 2, published by Dark Horse Comics in 1999.

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