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"I have always considered myself to be a counterbalance, and in the past few years we’ve found ourselves on opposite sides of almost every issue, including the library he built and the credits he lavished on creating a space force for Naboo."
―Senator Palpatine on King Veruna[src]

Veruna's tower was one of the many towers that made up the Royal Palace in Theed, capital of Naboo. It was built under the rule of King Veruna and housed a vast library, one that was even far larger than that of Theed's Royal Academy. During the Clone Wars, an abduction attempt on Palpatine, the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, occurred around the bottom of Veruna's tower.


Library tower over stage

The library tower overlooked the Chancellor's stage

Veruna's tower was built during the thirteen-year reign of Ars Veruna, King of the Naboo, to contain the vast library of the Royal Palace in Theed, capital city of Naboo.[1] King Veruna's book collection was considerable, even more so than that of the Royal Academy of Theed.[3] At the time of its construction, the library tower was one of the contentious issues between the sovereign and Senator Palpatine, Naboo's representative to the Galactic Senate.[2]

More than a decade after Veruna's abdication and death, at some point during the Clone Wars, Palpatine had been elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He was asked to deliver a speech for the Festival of Light, which commemorated Naboo joining the Republic eight-hundred and forty-seven years earlier. A stage was set for the him on a terrace overlooked by the library tower. Fearing that enemies of the Republic would kidnap the Chancellor, the Naboo Royal Guards placed armed sentry points at all entrances of the palace, including one in King Veruna's library tower.[4]



Theed Palace royal library, built by King Veruna.

King Veruna's tower, like the other spires of the Royal Palace was made of sandstone-like blocks. A drum-shaped tower, it was topped with a cupola covered in green tile. Located at the back of the Palace, on cliff side, the library tower was connected to the palace's rear watchtower by a skywalk.[1] The tower's upper level featured arched, non-glazed windows.[5]

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Veruna's library tower first appeared, along with the rest of the Theed Palace, in the May 1999 movie Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, the first installement of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.[5] It was present on the conceptual drawings for the films as early as April 1998, when the movie underwent its second shooting phase.[6]



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