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This article is about the Twi'lek named Vette. You may be looking for Vette Lake, a location on Xu'hu.

"My name. Ce'na. You don't think anyone names their kids 'Vette,' do you?"

Vette, born Ce'na, was a female Twi'lek thief, assassin and an escape artist born on Ryloth during the Great Galactic War. When she was still very young, Vette, her mother Diida and her older sister Tivva were captured by slavers and forced to work in Ryloth mines, before being sold separately off-world. Vette exchanged several masters, ending with a Gran "Three Eyes" by the age of seven or eight. She was rescued from slavery by the legendary pirate Nok Drayen and accepted an offer to join his crew, befriending his daughter Risha. After several years Vette left Nok Drayen's gang and joined with Twi'lek artifact hunters Taunt, Plasmajack, and Flash, returning stolen Twi'lek artifacts to their people. One of their marks was a rich Duros named Cada Bliss, who retaliated by setting them with a lucrative job offer on Korriban, where Vette was caught sneaking inside the Tomb of Naga Sadow and imprisoned in the jail of Korriban Sith Academy.

For her knowledge of the Tomb, Vette was given as a "gift" by Sith Lord Darth Baras to his Sith apprentice, whom she helped to reach a hidden passage inside, after which Baras allowed the apprentice to keep her. Vette traveled for a long time with her new master, who was eventually was betrayed by Darth Baras and almost died on Quesh, but was rescued by the Emperor's Hand and proclaimed the new Emperor's Wrath before killing Baras in the Dark Council Chambers. During this time, Vette reconnected with her old gang, helping Taunt and the others retrieve a priceless artifact called the Star of Kala'unn from Cada Bliss. Gaining access to Imperial communications and some money of her own, Vette hired a tracker to search for her family, locating her sister Tivva on Nar Shaddaa and buying her freedom. The sisters also worked to find their mother, but tragically found her on Tatooine mere days after she succumbed to the grueling work.

The Empire's Wrath went missing early in the Eternal Empire conquest, and Vette escaped Imperial space before the Eternal Empire of Zakuul rolled over it. Years later, she joined with a Devaronian con artist Gault Rennow and the two planned to rob Zakuulan treasury ship Gilded Star. Gault recruited the Alliance that opposed Zakuul to aid them, while sending Vette to retrieve a warhead from a missile he ordered from the Brekken Gang on Vandin. The Alliance members Senya Tirall and SCORPIO infiltrated the ship's bridge and opened a path for Vette and Gault to sneak inside, where Vette disabled the ship vault's security mechanisms, allowing Gault to plant the missile warhead inside. The warhead's detonation vaporized the vault' entire content of precious metals that was then pumped into the Alliance tanker, after which Vette and Gault traveled to the Alliance base on Odessen and decided to join the cause, later participating in the battle of Odessen. While reclaiming the Gravestone from the Eternal Empress Vaylin, Vette and other Alliance personnel were trapped by ARIES on the artificial world called Iokath, where Vette worked closely with the Alliance Commander to find their way out and escape before the world was covered in a radiation pulse. When Vaylin launched an assault on Odessen, Vette joined the defense, using Vette missile launchers to destroy enemy heavy. However, this gave away her position and the Alliance Commander was forced to choose between rescuing either Vette or Mandalorian warrior Torian Cadera first, with their second choice being captured and later killed by Vaylin on the Alliance landing platform.


Early life[]

"My mother and sister and I were grabbed when I was little. I don't remember much of it."

Vette in the jail of Korriban Academy

Ce'na was born on Ryloth in 3664 BBY[2] to a Twi'lek named Diida, who also had an older daughter Tivva. They never knew what happened to the girls' father and when Ce'na was still very young, the three of them were grabbed by slavers and forced to work in the mines on Ryloth. Ce'na was then separated from her mother and sister, sold to Rodian, then to a Hutt and ending with a Gran she dubbed "Three Eyes" by the time she was seven or eight years old. When the legendary pirate of the Syndicate Wars Nok Drayen destroyed the holdings of Three Eyes, Ce'na, along with the other slaves, was given a choice to either be free and find their own path in the galaxy, or join Drayen Crime Syndicate. Not about to wander off without even knowing what planet she was on, Ce'na accepted the offer and joined Nok's crew as its smallest member, learned new tricks to get in and out of places she wasn't supposed to. Now calling herself "Vette", she befriended Drayen's daughter Risha, and the two became as close as sisters. Vette and Risha spend years as part of Nok Drayen's pirate crew, traveling through much of the known galaxy.[3]

Eventually, Nok Drayen hatched a mysterious scheme that the others couldn't be a part of, resulting in him and Risha disappearing from everyone's radar. Vette left Nok Drayen's gang and joined with a group of Twi'lek artifact hunters, which included Taunt, Plasmajack, and Flash. The four of them were young, idealistic and full of Twi'lek pride, returning stolen Twi'lek artifacts to their people. They scammed a rich Duros Cada Bliss, who was obsessed with Twi'lek women, artifacts and clothing, taking everything of worth that he had.[3] At one point Vette found a cave on Corrida, which she almost died exploring.[6] By the time she was twenty years old, Vette has been in jail fifteen times, six of them on Nar Shaddaa alone, and had also worked as a hired assassin.[3]

In 3643 BBY the group received a tip from a mysterious informant about a lucrative job on Korriban. However, the deal went sour and Vette was caught sneaking inside the Tomb of Naga Sadow in the Valley of the Dark Lords, while the rest of the gang had to flee. Vette was imprisoned for the sixteenth time in the jail of Korriban Sith Academy, fitted with a shock collar around her neck by jailer Knash, who repeatedly used it to shock the Twi'lek for her insolent attitude. Vette observed as a Sith apprentice protege of Overseer Tremel arrived to interrogate the other prisoners in the cells next to her and decide their fate.[3]

Service to the Sith[]

"I've found a place. I'm going to stay put for a while."

Vette fighting on Korriban

Vette was soon called upon to assist the same Sith apprentice in breaching the Tomb of Naga Sadow as part of their final Sith trial. She was specifically suggested to the Sith by their master Darth Baras, as none of the Sith have been able to figure out how to use the statues in the Tomb to open a passage to a forbidden cavern. Jailer Knash gave the shock collar activator to the Sith Warrior and instructed the Sith on how to use it to keep the Twi'lek in line. Vette accompanied the apprentice into the Tomb she already broke into once, and activated the statues, opening the passage and allowing the Sith to claim an ancient lightsaber. The Sith returned to Darth Baras and was formally taken in as the apprentice to the Sith Lord, being allowed by their new master to keep Vette around as a slave. Vette later asked Baras' apprentice to remove her shock collar citing her help in the Tomb and general good behavior, her request eventually being granted.[7]

Vette accompanied Baras' apprentice to the Sith capital world of Dromund Kaas, where the Sith performed several assignments for their new Sith master, taking Vette along on the missions to the Unfinished colossus, Lord Grathan's estate and the Dark Temple. After interrogating a captured Republic spy Grik Sonosan, Darth Baras send his new apprentice on a Hunt for Jaesa Willsaam, the Padawan of the Jedi Master Nomen Karr. Vette joined the apprentice on their new Fury-class Imperial interceptor, traveling to Balmorra where their crew was joined by Imperial Captain Malavai Quinn. The Sith Warrior's path then took them to Nar Shaddaa, the world with which Vette already was well familiar, as well Tatooine and Alderaan. The actions of Baras' apprentice there prompted Nomen Karr to seek a direct confrontation and the Sith engaged the Jedi Master in a duel on Hutta, which ended with them taking Karr's apprentice Jaesa Willsaam as their own.[3]

Baras then enacted his Plan Zero, sending his apprentice to eliminate members of Republic War Trust on Taris and Jedi Knight Xerender on Hoth, where their crew grew to including Lieutenant Pierce and a Talz named Broonmark. After Baras maneuvered his apprentice to kill his master Darth Vengean, he ascended to the Dark Council and, growing concerned about his apprentice's growing power, Baras set a trap for them on Quesh. However, the apprentice was rescue by the Emperor's Hand and given the title of the Emperor's Wrath. Now tasked with undermining Baras' power base, the new Emperor's Wrath stopped Baras' sister Darth Ekkage from escaping Belsavis prison and freed the Emperor's Voice from being trapped in the Dark Heart on Voss. Although Vette wasn't too keen on the idea of going against a Sith Lord, the Wrath reassured her that they would have the vengeance for their betrayal. The Wrath and their crew then traveled to Corellia, where Vette and the rest of the Sith's companions were tasked to safeguard Vowrawn back on the Empire's Wrath's Fury-class Imperial interceptor. Foiling Baras' plans on Corellia, his former apprentice confronted him in the Dark Council Chambers of the Korriban Academy and killed him, after which Darth Marr fully acknowledged their authority as the Emperor's Wrath.[3]

Family and reunions[]

"Stand-in family is all well and good but seeing the old gang just made me miss my mom and sister."

Vette during her travels with the Sith

Having access to the HoloNet on the ship, Vette was checking the holo-frequencies of Taunt's gang and was relieved to find that the group was still alive, residing on Nar Shaddaa. They informed Vette that Cada Bliss, their Duros mark, was the one who set them up for Korriban job, getting his revenge on the ones who robbed him. Now having a fearsome Kaleesh bodyguard called The Virus, Bliss has obtained a priceless artifact of Twi'lek history called the Star of Kala'unn and was trying to find a buyer for it at the Mezenti Spaceport on Nar Shaddaa. Vette wanted to reclaim the Star of Kala'unn and pay back the one whose actions resulted in her second enslavement, convincing Baras' apprentice to accompany here. They confronted the Duros and Vette made a prepared speech, but the conversation turned violent and ended with the Sith killing the Virus, with Vette forcing Bliss to give up the Star of Kala'unn and promise her that he would reform. Having recovered the Star of Kala'unn, Vette reunited with her friends and handed over the Star to them to be put in a museum. She spend some quality time in their company, but when offered for her to rejoin them, Vette replied that she found her place with the Sith, although she assured that she would keep in touch.[3]

Vette acquired some money in her travels with the Sith and hired a tracker named Krata to search for her mother and sister. The Arcona had located Tivva on Nar Shaddaa and demanded payment up-front, before revealing that Tivva was working as a slave for Toobu the Hutt, with another Twi'lek named Crystal holding her leash. Vette and the Sith approached Tivva through Crystal, finding her working as an exotic dancer, who initially did not recognize her little sister. Vette then spoke up and Tivva was shocked to see her little sister again, addressing Ce'na by her birth name, which came as a news to the Sith Warrior. Tivva explained her terrible working conditions and begged her sister to buy her freedom, which Vette and the Sith quickly sorted out. Greatly thankful, Tivva departed to grab her things and promised her sister to stay in touch.[3]

Immediately after obtaining freedom, Tivva joined Vette in search for their mother. Eventually, she managed to locate her on Tatooine, sold as a worker to Whuddle the Hutt, and both sister departed there immediately. However, by the time Vette and Tivva arrived to Mos Ila, they found out that Diida died mere days ago, and another Twi'lek slave worker Feb'Noota explained that their mother had worked herself to death by carrying stones to Whuddle's animal pens for twenty hours straight. Vette provided money to give her mother aa proper burial, during which her body was cremated. Tivva then became enraged at the Hutt who worked her mother to death and decided to kill him. The Sith encouraged it, and the two girls snuck inside the Hutt's palace and killed him, though the experience changed Vette, who almost immediately regretted the act and later blamed the Sith for talking her into doing it.[8]

Vette remained along the new Emperor's Wrath for years after the Wrath killed their old master Darth Baras. In 3637 BBY the Wrath experienced a vision aboard the ship, and Vette remarked that the look on their face resembled the one Jaesa Willsaam had when she tried the exoboar soup. The Wrath explained to have a Force vision of the galaxy and a dwarf galaxy going dark, at which point Malavai Quinn interjected, asking if the Wrath was referring to the Rishi Maze. Recognizing the name, Vette recalled a pirate planet called Rishi and mentioned that she always had a desire to visit there. Broonmark then informed everyone that they had recently been receiving datamail without sender advertising travel to Rishi, and the Wrath then promptly ordered Quinn to set a course for the planet.[9]

Raid on the Gilded Star[]

"While the Gilded star is roosting at the skyhook for its annual resupply, we're going to rob it blind!"

Vette during the Raid on the Gilded Star

In 3636 BBY the galaxy was invaded by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul and early in the Eternal Empire conquest the Wrath went missing. The Sith's crew aboard the Fury mourned their absence and soon disbanded, and Vette managed to escape the Sith Empire before it got rolled over by the legions of Zakuul. By 3630 BBY she partnered with a Devaronian con artist Gault Rennow and the two came up with a plan to rob the Gilded Star, a treasury ship used by the Eternal Empire to keep the valuables that was hiding deep in the atmosphere of Gas giant Vandin. The ship's vault was so strong, it could survive the rest of the ship being reduced to atoms, which gave Gault and Vette an idea on how to empty it of valuables. Gault placed on order for a functional missile with the Brekken Gang, asking the Nikto to deliver it to Vandin, while also sending Vette to sneak in and retrieve the missile's warhead.[4]

The heist also required specific personnel to fill key roles. For this part Gault recruited the Alliance that opposed the Eternal Empire, bringing its key personnel with him to Vandin. Gault and the Alliance Commander went to the meeting with the Brekken Gang and its Captain Kenrik Fost, where after asking to inspect his missile, Gault announced his refusal to pay for it and activated the warhead. The Nikto ran away trying to flee the blast, but Gault was unable to stop the countdown and it reached zero, only to reveal that Vette was playing a prank on him, having already detached the warhead and waiting inside the missile tube for the opportune moment. Everyone then assembled at the hideout, where Gault and Vette laid out their plan, assigning everybody their roles. An Anomid identity slicer Dretcher would fake the identity of High Justice Vaylin for her mother Senya Tirall, who provided a genetic match and required character knowledge and would take SCORPIO aboard as her "attache droid". They would access the bridge and lower the security, allowing Vette, Gault and the Commander to get onboard and place the warhead inside the vault, while Theron Shan and Lana Beniko would pilot a tanker to siphon off the vaporized previous metals.[4]

When the Gilded Star came up for its annual resupply, the team moved in positions. Dretcher's holographic disguise worked, allowing Senya to get onboard under the identity of her daughter. From the bridge, SCORPIO opened the way to the vault for Gault and the Alliance Commander, while Vette used her sneaking skills to disable the vault's security mechanisms, picking a TC-16 assault cannon along the way. Inside the vault, Gault planted the missile warhead, which upon detonation vaporized its entire content of precious metals, while leaving everything outside the vault safe and intact. The vault's entire content of precious metals was then pumped into the tanker piloted by Lana Beniko and Theron Shan, while SCORPIO and Senya soon joined them. Vette, Gault and the Alliance Commander made their own escape, during which Vette was amazed by the destructive capability of her new weapon, but encountered some difficulties when the only escape route left for them was to take the Skyhook down the way they came. Their path was blocked by real Vaylin, who arrived with an inspection, and determined to avoid confronting her at all cost, Gault suggested going outside on the ship's hull, which Vette deemed tolerable as long as one did not look down. Gault's old partner Hylo Visz arrived in a small shuttle and the three of them jumped off from the hull of the Gilded Star directly onto the shuttle, while the rest of their team left onboard Beniko's tanker.[4]

Joining the Alliance[]

"If your Alliance happens to need a morale officer, I'm game. Kicking Arcann's butt should require a full-time party planner."

Vette with Gault Rennow after the successful robbing of the Gilded Star

Returning to Alliance base on Odessen, Vette congratulated everyone on a job well done and announced her desire to user her share of profits to free Twi'lek slaves and buy back stolen Twi'lek artifacts, continuing the cause she pursued with Taunt's group. Having a small celebration alongside their new partners, Vette decided to stay and join the Alliance's cause, while Gault did the same, giving him an opportunity to spend more time with Hylo. They both later participated in the Battle of Odessen, in which the Alliance managed to dethrone Emperor Arcann, only for his sister Vaylin to ally with SCORPIO and claim the Eternal Throne instead.[4] Later, following the Invasion of Voss in 3630 BBY, rumors spread that the Commander was killed on Dromund Kaas and former Republic Supreme Chancellor Leontyne Saresh arrived in an attempt to take over the Alliance. Vette almost believed Saresh's lies, for which she later apologized to the Alliance Commander.[10]

Vette soon answered a distress call from Koth Vortena, captain of the Gravestone, who informed the Alliance that Vaylin and SCORPIO tricked their way onboard and took control of the ship. Vette later joined a team assembled by Theron Shan to assist Lana Beniko and the Alliance Commander in retaking the Gravestone from Vaylin and her forces. Theron's shuttle with Vette, Torian Cadera, Kaliyo Djannis and Aric Jorgan inside landed inside the hangar of Gravestone just before SCORPIO took control of the vessel and launched it into hyperspace on a locked course. The Gravestone emerged from hyperspace in Iokath system, where Vaylin and her remaining forces were found to be sabotaging the ship, with half the Alliance personnel spreading to stop the sabotage, while Vette remained with the others to defend the ship's bridge. However, they were unable to stop Vaylin, who overpowered both Kaliyo Djannis and Aric Jorgan and took Torian and Vette hostage, promising to kill the Twi'lek, though she was unable to hurt anyone before a blinding white light engulfed the ship.[10]

Trapped on Iokath[]

"Good thing you brought the galaxy's greatest escape artist with you."

Vette on Iokath

Alliance members found themselves on the surface of the strange world called Iokath, separated from each other and placed in scenarios that resembled combat simulations. Theron Shan managed to get his cybernetic implant working, contacting everyone and directing them to a structure called the Tributary, where Vette began tinkering with a technolith. She managed to contact and interact with a holographic AI called ARIES, who provided to Vette the history of Iokath, which turned out to be tied to SCORPIO, the Eternal Fleet and the GEMINI droids. The Alliance Commander and Vette showed them her findings, getting ARIES to reveal a list of planets that the Iokath creators used to test their weapons, which turned out to include Zakuul. Their connection to ARIES was then interrupted by SCORPIO, who was imprisoned at an unknown location and asked the Commander for assistance. Their group's position came under attack from the droids again and Theron Shan activates the force field that prevented more droids from coming in, but also trapped the Alliance inside. Vette interacted with the technolith some more, trying to get ARIES back online, but opening a door deeper into the structure instead. She and the Commander went ahead to explore, while the rest stayed behind to guard their position, eventually locating another technolith. Vette instructed the Commander on how to get the power for the light bridge in their way, realizing that they were in Necropolis, a giant crypt that housed millions of dead. SCOPRIO contacted them again, and managed to reveal that ARIES was controlling everything on Iokath, including their current condition, before a host of droids arrived to prove her right. The Commander and Vette fought off their attackers, but their access to both the technolith and the way they originally came in was blocked, requiring Vette to look for another secret tunnel. On their way back to the group, they came across another holonode, from which SCORPIO contacted them again, notifying the two about a colossus droid that prepared to attack them. Vette noticed how the droid was drawing power from energy conduits and the Commander disabled them, allowing them to deactivate the droid just as the rest of the group caught up with them.[10]

Theron Shan realized that even though he was unable to locate the Gravestone, he could still use his implant to remotely pilot the Alliance shuttle that was left in its hangar. To provide themselves with a distraction from the droids outside, the team repaired the colossus droid, leaving the Commander to pilot it against its much weaker, but more numerous brethren, while the rest went to the Tributary roof. With everyone safely onboard the shuttle, Theron took off, but before they could leave, SCORPIO contacted the group again and revealed that ARIES raised an energy shield that would destroy any vessel attempting to leave. With ARIES re-charging the weapon that incapacitated them in the first place and promising to use it again on a lethal setting, the only way out was to stop ARIES. SCORPIO revealed the location of ARIES base and Theron dropped off Vette and the Commander there to deal with ARIES, while the rest went to reclaim the Gravestone. The Commander and Vette confronted and engaged ARIES, and SCORPIO herself arrived to help defeat him, however the capacitors on ARIES' weapon overloaded, threatening the cover the entire world with a pulse of deadly radiation. The Commander and Vette rushed back to the landing platform and hurried to get onboard of the Gravestone just in time before it barely managed to escape into hyperspace.[10]

The Gravestone and its crew safely returned to Odessen, which some time later came under ground assault from Vaylin's forces. As the Eternal Empire forces desperately tried to once again capture the Gravestone, Vette received some advanced missile launchers from Doctor Juvard Illip Oggurobb, using them to fry enemy heavy artillery. However, this gave away her position and she was about to be overrun by skytroopers. Vette made a call to the Alliance Commander for help, but the Commander was forced to choose between rescuing either her or Torian Cadera, managing to assist only one of them, while the other was captured and later killed by Vaylin on the Alliance landing platform.[10]

Personality and traits[]

"No jokes, no smart comments... Every slaver here, every scumbag who treats people like property, has to die. We have to kill them."
―Vette displays tranquil fury when visiting a slaver camp on Rishi[src]


Vette was an intergalactic explorer and skilled treasure hunter. Her nimbleness was a frequent asset in her adventures since she was a child. She could maneuver tight spaces, discover hidden passageways and even disarm traps, skills which served her well during the plundering of the Gilded Star. She also enjoyed dabbling with goods from the criminal underworld. Adventurous and carefree, Vette was known for her light-hearted conversations, enjoying silly pranks and mocking people who thought too much of themselves. Her child-like attitude persevered even as the years spanned into adulthood. As she worked with ruthless people during her time as a pirate and in the Sith Empire, Vette often favored her companions, or masters, being merciful and avoiding unnecessary killing. In stark contrast to this, Vette approved when corrupt and otherwise dishonest people were killed, if she believed they deserved it.[3] Vette was also learning to speak Talzzi. After Broonmark joined the Emperor's Wrath, she hoped he would help her with speaking the language better.[11] Despite her wild nature, Vette shunned promiscuity, as she made a promise to her mother that she would wait until she married before going to bed with another man.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Vette appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic as a companion for the Sith Warrior class.[3] She is voiced by Catherine Taber, who also voiced Twi'leks Mission Vao in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Numa in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels and expressed her belief that the three of her characters are related.[12] Male Sith Warriors can romance and eventually marry Vette, while female characters can build a sister-like relationship with her, taking the place of Risha Drayen and Taunt in Vette's life. There are multiple companion customization available for Vette that allow to change her face and skin color to yellow, green, or even red with Sith tattoos. After the completion of "Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder" of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion Vette becomes available as a companion for characters of all classes.[4]

Gameplay Alternatives[]

As a male Sith Warrior, players have the option of romancing and even marrying Vette.

  • Early on after joining the Warrior's party, Vette will ask the player to take her shock collar off. The player can agree or refuse and continue using to occasionally shock Vette whenever she speaks up. In this case, Dark Side version of Jaesa Willsaam will also take note of the shock collar and ask the player if she can use it, and if the player agrees, Jaesa will torment Vette much to her satisfaction and the Twi'lek's dismay. Vette's pleas will become increasingly desperate, eventually coming to a point where she refuses to have any further talk unless her collar is taken off. If the player insists on keeping it on or takes it away only to immediately put it back on, it will block any further interactions with Vette, including her family storyline and potential romance.[3]
  • If the player recruited Jaesa Willsaam as a Dark Side apprentice, he can begin flirting with both her and Vette at the same time. However, Vette will eventually question this behavior, resulting a confrontation between the three, and the player must decide between the two of the women, even though Jaesa expresses being open to sharing. If the player attempts to have both of them, Vette will refuse to be a part of it and end the relationship on the spot. If the player approaches the relationship honestly and does not attempt to play on Vette's feeling, the two can eventually marry.[3]
  • During Vette's search for Tivva, she will ask player for access to Imperial HoloNet communications, and if the player refuses, notes that she will have to get Jaesa or Quinn to let her do it. After they find Tivva, player can simply buy her freedom, order her to entertain either the ship's crew (if female), or themselves (if male) as payment to Vette's dismay, or refuse to hand over any money, in which case Vette will later scrape the funds and buy Tivva's freedom herself.[3]
  • After Vette arranges her mother's burial, Tivva will demand a revenge on the Hutt Whuddle for causing their mother's death. The player can persuade Vette to do it for Dark Side points, in which case she will be haunted by the nightmarish experience later, or support her in letting the matter go, in which case Tivva will angrily storm off, but will reconcile with Vette later.[8]
  • During Fallen Empire Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder if the player is a Sith Warrior, they will have unique interactions with Vette depending on their past history. If the player never took her collar off, Vette will explain that she got rid of it on her and merely acknowledge the Sith as alive, with nothing else between them except the job. If the player previously romanced Vette, they can resume the relationship or break up with her. Otherwise, the two reunite as friends and reminiscence on the past five years.
  • During Fallen Empire Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen, player has to assign roles for Vette, Gault and Torian Cadera, ordering one to stay behind on Odessen, another to sabotage the weapons on the Eternal Flagship, and the third to sabotage the Eternal Flagship's shields. In any choice, the ship is disabled successfully and the ground forces never land on Odessen, with the only difference being in dialogue. Sith Warriors who romanced Vette will also share a brief moment with her before leaving to join the battle on the Gravestone.[4]
  • During Eternal Throne Chapter VIII: End Times, Vette and Torian will be overwhelmed by the Eternal Empire forces, and the player to choose which one to save. If the player chooses to save Vette, she survives the battle and appear in Odessen base in the aftermath of the battle. Otherwise, Vette will be captured by Empress Vaylin, who will kill her by snapping her neck in front of the player.[10]
  • During Eternal Throne Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, if Vette was saved in the previous chapter, she will appear on the Gravestone on the way to Zakuul and on Odessen at the proclamation of the Eternal Alliance. Sith Warriors who romanced Vette will share a moment with her before descending down to the planet's surface.[10]


Concept art of Vette


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