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Vex was a male individual who was part of the Kouhun,[1] a secret order of assassins[2] operating in the Anoat sector.[3] Although he was one of the Kouhun's most skilled assassins, Vex ended up turning on his comrades and joined a murderous crew of pirates[1] on the planet Hoth.[4] Between 4 ABY and 5 ABY,[5] the Smuggler—leader of the Uprising—sent operatives to bring Vex to justice as a favor to the Kouhun.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Vex was mentioned in the description for the Crew Run "The Rogue Kouhun" in Kabam's 2015 mobile game Star Wars: Uprising[1] prior to the game's shutdown in 2016.[6] In the Crew Run, players could assign collectible crew to obtain reputation with the Kouhun faction.[1]


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